Everyone is so nice!

krycek1984(6a/Cleveland)July 5, 2010

I love posting on this forum, and reading everyone else's posts, because you all are so friendly and reasonable. Sometimes, some of the other forums on this website get a bit testy, especially when people choose to be overly-righteous and critical.

I wonder why none of us are like that? LOL. I don't know, but I certainly appreciate the environment that you all have fostered here. I have learned so much about cottage gardens and I love seeing all the beautiful pictures for inspiration. I hope to learn more over the coming months and years.

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I agree. Sometimes I give testy people the benefit of the doubt because what is written can inaccurately describe what the person was feeling. I love dry humor, but sometimes without the wry smile dry humor can come across as harsh rather than playful. But, many on these forums are full of wonderful manners and unselfish people. It's not about whose garden is best, but rather about rejoicing over the victories and crying over the obstacles with others. It really is nice!

And, on the side, I must say I am encouraged every time I read because the writing is coherent! Modern writing skills are abysmal, in my opinion, and I'm still too young to be a part of the "good ol' days!" But, the intelligence in these posts is encouraging. Everybody isn't a grammar dodo! If I ever have a grammar question I'll probably post it on GW. Cuz u all wudn't stear me rong.

P.S. Now if GW could just fix the bug in my "matching red flowers" thread so I can see people's posts!

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Chiming in with more agreement! I really just love to garden and it so nice to find a wonderful group to share the same passion, frustration, highs and lows. :) I am amazed at how difficult internet posters can be when we are working on something we love to do.

Deanna, I wanted to mention a book to you that I bought a long time ago - it's called Gardening with Color by Mary Keen. I have read it many times and I just found it on the bookshelf and plan to page thru it again - it covers different kinds of color combinations and really helps with the impact of changing a tone. If you could find it in a library or something - I looked it up on Amazon and they actually still have it but no pictures to look at.

I love the Penelope Hobhouse books, too - the English really take all of these things to a real art. the only problem is so many of the flowers don't grow well in my gardens but the colors and effects are so stunning. Penelope has a book called Gardening with Colour - it's probably great.

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By far, the most "difficult" forum I have participated on GW is the Trees forum. People feel very passionate about trees, especially about "trash" trees, invasives, or trees that they find objectionable.

The worst is the bradford pears - very many arguments and passion about that.

I love this forum because I have always been very much attracted to informal gardens. I never had any attraction to formal gardens...I would often think, why are they doing that??????

Well I have found the name for the type of gardens I like!!!!!

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

This has almost always been a wonderful forum. The very very few who want to come and spoil it can't find a way to do so, so they soon leave!
I think one of the helpful things about this forum is that we ask each other to describe where we live (town, area), and the photos help us get to know our lifestyles. We are all at different places in life at different times. Recently someone asked me very nicely if I would use chemicals on my tomatoes. I said I do not. We all do different things for different reasons and have different ideals. This forum celebrates the differences and the likenesses, and I think that is what makes it so special!

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I agree with what everyone else is saying :)

One thing I've noticed is that I depend on all of you for many of my gardening questions. While I visit other forums, many times I'll ask a similar question here and get wonderful responses. Everyone is so positive and helpful...it's really nice and makes gardening even more fun!

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Girlgroup, you hit it on the head! We all come from different places, different properties, different times in our lives. A perfect example once again is the bradford pear. While inappropriate for tree lawns, near houses, or power lines, I was quite happy to put it in the middle of a small field so we could enjoy its year round beauty without worrying about broken branches. Everything has its place except invasives.

I do love the positive environment. It makes gardening all the more fun. Whenever I am outside pickin around in my garden and I notice a problem or something I want to share, I run outside, take a picture, and put a post up1!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks, cindysunshine, for the rec! I just found the Keen book on half.com for 75 cents. I'm ordering loads of school books now for the kids so I'll pick one up this month. Our library has some English gardening books, but I decided I wouldn't purchase any from England because, like you, I kept finding great plants that don't thrive in my zone.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Agree. I think that this forum works so well because it doesn't focus on any one subject for people to argue/debate over. You don't have to have a Cottage style garden to be welcome here, only a nice disposition ;-)

I like that disagreements are few and far between, since everyone works hard to make this a friendly place. It means a lot to come here on a blue day, there is always sure to be someone with something funny or interesting to say to perk you right up!

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

And here, Bradford Pear can be considered invasive. They are beginning to pop up and disturb native flora in abandoned areas. Not in our neighborhood though, it can't compete with Tree of Heaven, lol.

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I agree some forums can be especially testy. My gosh, they get outright self-righteous about the virtues of one technique or design or treatment. I've even heard of not so charitable descriptions about cottage gardening (ie not understanding what we find attractive). Some I think feel some sort of thrill when getting into a fight or controversy. I'm so glad for cottage gardening.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

I love this forum and the daylily forum, even though I don't grow many daylilies. It's the lovely warm people and the positive culture that make all the difference.

I won't go to the forums that are dominated by professionals any longer, since I always want to rush in to some poor newcomer's defense.

Thanks to all of you for making this forum a positive and enriching experience.

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This is a very friendly forum; supportive. Lots of information sharing.

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can be funny too.

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neverenoughflowers(6 SEPA Downingtown)

I have found that the cottagers are a pretty friendly group. We seem to run the gamut from very experienced professionals to newbies just starting out. I think I fall somewhere in between, I have been gardening for about 30 years and am a Penn State Certified Master Gardener, but there is always something to learn and this is the place for that information.

If you need a little encouragement or want to vent because somebody picked your prized flower of stole your shovel, this is the place to share your story, you will certainly get support and ideas on how to prevent it from happening again. I have also mentioned in a few of my posts that this forum is both educational and entertaining and I mean it. Some of the posts are even downright funny.


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Gardengirl, it's the same here! Sometimes it's very hard for anything to compete on the edge of a forest or a disturbed area because the trees of heaven just decide to setup shop and once they're there...it's a constant fight! It seems like they are a huge problem some places, not so much other places. It's a constant war though!!!!!

We are letting a field go back to forest at our old property. I am wondering what we will see first. Maybe maples? I dunno.

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