Info. needed on Banana fig

pezzuti9(z5 PA)August 10, 2006

I would like to buy one but can't locate a source.

I would like to give it a try here in NE, PA.

I hope someone can direct me to a nursery or whatever so I can get my hands on a banana fig tree.

Any help would be appreciated.



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gene_washdc(zone 5a)

mountainman0826 z8B TX thinks that the Banana fig is the same as the Kadota (see thread). It'd be interesting to hear whether he still thinks that.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of Banana Fig

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mountainman0826(z8B TX)

Hi, Gene,

Yes, my observations this year confirm my opinion last year regarding the "Banana Fig" and "Kadota". Both have fruited this year. The fruit are virtually identical - ranging from spherical to pyriform, golden skin in our climate, skin thick but tender, amber pulp, very sweet but not strongly flavored. The leaves on both cultivars are very similar. On new growth, both cultivars bear prolificly, with closely spaced figs as is characteristic of Kadota (Dotatto). I look forward to observing whether or not two other cultivars I acquired that were identified as "Kadota" and "Dotatto" share the characteristics. I am reasonably certain that both my "Banana" fig and "White Kadota" are Condit's "Dotatto".

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pezzuti9(z5 PA)

I tried the places mentioned in the first response post to buy a banana fig tree with no sucess.
Can't locate any on line for sale.

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Lou, I have a small Banana fig tree which I airlayered this summer, I plan to pot the two new plants next week. I did this in case the mother plant doesn't survive the winter. Anyway, if you would like I could mail one to you after I see if both survive being potted. Email me on 'my page'. By the way, I got this tree through the efforts of yadda, who I haven't seen on the Garden Web for some time.....Elder (also a Lou)

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Save your curiosity and time. I had an authentic Seabrook Banana fig also. It was identical to my Kadota fig in both the fruit and leaves. In fact, my Kadota is a better quality fig in flavor and production. So I gave the Banana fig away to a friend recently. Had I known you were wanting this fig, I would have saved it for you.

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In France the banana fig is also known as :

- "Longue D'Août" (meaning "long from August"),
- "Smyrna". Unfortunately called like this by some French nursery.
- "Jerusalem".

However it has nothing to with Dottato/Kadota and nothing to do with Smyrna as well.

"Longue d'Août" produces very big and very long figs. It produces a good breba and a major main crop (too late to ripen in colder region). Breba quality is often mediocre (dry, doughy, little flavor even when ripe). However, litterature says that in some south of France region it is a rich fig (though I guess that must be a myth).

It is very hardy (z7) and breba crop seem to be resistant to fig dropping. It is a French commercial variety because the fruit can resist transport (thick skin).

There are several trees planted around my place. One specimen I know is planted North, with NO WIND protection in a extremely cold place with lot of freezing winds, and perfectly has both breba and main crop. However, nobody harvest the fruit has they are dry and insipid.

I do not recommend this variety at all...

There are so many fantastic varieties to try (especially if you live in zone 9).. So why this one ?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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gene_washdc(zone 5a)

etneo0, I've also confused these two names before, but Longue D'Août (aka 'Banane') is not same as the Banana fig (aka 'Kadota' / 'Dotatto') of Seabrook, TX. I've gotten both of these varieties via other GW fig enthusiasts, and the leaves are very different. Though neither has produced ripe figs for me yet.

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mountainman0826(z8B TX)

Following are pictures of the Longue D'Août and Dotatto (Kadota). Both have been called "Banana".

Longue D'Août

Dotatto (Kadota)

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Horticulture Department, Texas A&M, College Station, TX is selling Banana Fig Trees

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

Anyone know of a source for the true Longue d'Aout (aka 'Banane')?

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