Bulk Potting Soil in St Pete?

c9pilot(9b/10a)February 27, 2012

Anybody know where I can purchase a few yards of potting soil? Delivery preferred, but if it's not too heavy I can take my trailer, and then limited to probably two yards and a couple of trips. Thinking about getting some shell, too, so that would be a bonus if they have both.

All I can find online is top soil/fill and I'm looking for a bit better to immediately fill some beds without tons of amending.



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Try Gulfcoast or Lufkin


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Thanks! BTW,
Gulfcoast $$
Lufkin $$$

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If you need bulk quantities, you might consider the county free mulch sites. Free is good. Not many people are thinking about gardening in December/January so I get 4-5 pickup truck loads then. It is aged, so is mostly broken down into black soil. Now in Feb./Mar., it is fresher, not as aged and more like mulch, because more people are feeling the spring weather and getting some. I don't know what part of St Pete you are in, but there is one a few blocks east of 1st St on 62nd Ave N, across the street from a golf course. Just something to keep in mind for future reference.

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I use the free mulch from 26th Ave S on a regular basis....in fact my trailer has a half load that I'm spreading right now after my spring fertilizing. But it is nothing close to potting soil for my raised beds and leveling the back lawn.

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lufkins is $32 for a yd. will deliver mininum is either 3 or 5 yds(for a fee)
aatractor works is $40 a yd(little heavier than lufkin).

a full 6 foot pickup bed will hold a yd. since I am so close to them(lufkin) I usually get a half a yd at a time.

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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

John, is it true potting media, peat based with no sand/soil in it?


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(lufkins)No sand or soil in it.I like to add the cheap bags of cow manure/mulch from walmart to it. plus add some perlite.
I usually get a 1/2 yard at a time as my truck is old and a yard weighs about 1000 pounds.

tom, we need to get together one of these days. I haven't seen you since we moved(1/2 mile) and that was 3 years ago.
Perhaps a swap in st pete/pinellas area.

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just got some and ask what was in it.
only pine bark and florida peat

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I know I'm posting to an older post, but I was looking for info and ended up here. This may help others.

Potting Soil: Larry Larson's Topsoil on Ulmerton Road in Clearwater - $22.00/yard for potting soil
We just had 6 yards delivered. There was a 35.00 delivery fee.

I think this is a good price compared to what else I have read.

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While not the potting soil, St Pete will also deliver up to about 6 yards of their better mulch for a 25 dollar delivery fee that is tacked onto your water bill.

I found that it is a better quality than the free stuff and its brought to your door. Though, I also use the "free mulch" site on 62nd near 1st Street.

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Foreverlad(9b - Tampa Bay)

Dchernon and MuscledBear, thank you both so much reviving this old thread.

Last July when I started gardening, I searched the web for as much info I could on bulk amendments, and I remember this thread quite well. I was disappointed the info wasn't more specific.

Dchernon, how would you rate the quality of the potting soil?

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The City of St. Petersburg has a soil builder service, in addition to a variety of mulches. I recently used the mulch service (it was of a good quality), but haven't used the soil builder. The latter is made from screened mulch, consisting of local plant materials, which should be good as a soil amendment. The charge is $9 a cubic yard, plus $25 for delivery of up to 6 cubic yards.

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