Reccomend a favorite longblooming perrenial?

Lilyfinch z7 mid tnJuly 13, 2010

One more thing i need help with, is the walkway i just dug up. I have lined the outside with one of my fav plants, walkers low catmint. I also have white and purple coneflowers, blue caryopteris, and pink and purple tall phlox. I need an inside edging plant, not too tall, that ill repeat all down the walkway. Id like white or something in the pink purple or blue family. Any ideas? Must be long blooming! Thanks !!!:)

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Verbena 'Homestead Purple' or 'Annie' or perhaps Geranium "Rozanne" or 'Ann Folkard' ?

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what about a dwarf white daisy or yarrow? my longest blooming perennials are all yellow (daisys, heliopsis, coreopsis).
Balloon flower seems to have a decent bloom period but it's just about over for me now.

hhmm, I have a taller variety of alyssum that's an annual but should reseed (I hope!) it's about 8" high I think.

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I love fringed bleeding heart. Fine Gardening just featured a gorgeous variety with silver leaves and pink flowers lined with white. Here, it's one of the first things to bloom and one of the last plants to stop blooming before frost.

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lavender? It would add a beautiful contrast, plus the great smell.

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I'd go for lavenders. They start blooming in June and continue to late June. if deadheaded, they would give you new blooms lasting thru August.

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For a short blooming plant, maybe Dianthus. They come if a variety of colors. If you deadhead them, they rebloom.

If you want a Lavender, try Munstead. It is shorter and more compact, but big on that heady lavender fragrance.

Perhaps one of the new small compact Asters.
Also Cushion Mums.


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A spire shape might look nice with your combinations.

You're pushing the zone edge for agastache, but my 'Cotton Candy' has been blooming nonstop since April here in zone 7b. I've never seen an agastache bloom so early and for so long. If I could replace all of my agastache with this one, I would! It looks great with poppies in spring, coneflowers and drumstick allium in summer.

It's a pink/white bottlebrush spire. It takes to deadheading and quickly blooms again, or you can let it handle the rebloom because it will. I just do it to shape the plants.

The height, in bloom, is around 20-24".

Here it is, shown with the burgundy drumstick allium in bloom:

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Oh, Ms. Cameron, that is very pretty. It's short? or do you just keep it that way?

My blue one gets over 4 feet tall. I love it, but need to move it back from the pathway. Too big there.

I'll have to see if I can find Cotton Candy.

I've tried miserably two times now with two packages of seed to get the Apricot one going. It stubbornly would not grow. Didn't even sprout! I really wanted that color in with my blues and purple flowers. I hope sometime to find the plants.



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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

Oooh i love that agastache! And i love them anyways, ill have to start looking for other varieies. I also love verbana but i think its an annual in our zone. I love all the suggestions, lavender was one idea i especially love but my expirience with it is that it turns woody on me, does anyone know why?
I think shorter daisies would be perfect if i can find some. I wish creeping phlox lasted, id love to use that.

Thanks for the ideas, i cant wait to look around my local nursery and see what comes home with me!

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lilyfinch, lavenders do turn woody because they are shrubs. They need to be hard pruned to a round shape well after the last frost. New branches will form from the core. In July (in my zone at least), I deadhead them before they re-seed and new blooms will come about again.

I have many kinds of lavenders, like munstead, angustafolia, grosso and french lavenders. I have a preference for tall lavenders but I think the munsteads and angustafolias have the best scents.


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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Prunella laciniata. Beautiful bright pink/purple hooded flowers above deep green foliage that is deeply serrated. Forms a nice cushion shape 8-12 in. tall and not quite two feet wide- gets a bit bigger every year but isn't invasive. Mine has been blooming for several weeks now. Cut it back when it is done and it should send up another flush later on.

Helenium 'Mardi Gras'. First starts blooming late June early July. Takes a little break during the hottest part of summer (Aug.) then starts up again in fall.

-Ianna, I thought Lavandula dentata was not hardy in our zone?? Or do you just grow it as an annual?

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Lilyfinch -- if you want short daisies, I highly recommend 'Broadway Lights'. Mine have been blooming for several months and are still sprouting new blooms. I do stay after them by deadheading, but it's an enjoyable task since I love them so much. They begin as a pale yellow and turn soft white. The foliage is evergreen here. They are splendid with blue, pink or purple companions.

As for height -- around 15-18".


The agastache foliage is about 18" high and about 24" when in bloom, so I don't keep it short. I use it at the front of my large deer resistant garden. Only 'Summer Sky' is shorter than this one. I don't count 'Purple Pygmy' because it doesn't last long enough to get mature.

My 'Blue Fortune' is 4 feet tall.

For apricot to soft orange agastache, I like 'Coronado' and 'Navajo Sunset'. They both look great with blue or purple (or orange for a monochromatic theme).

Here is a link that might be useful: dotted with daisies

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juneroses Z9a Cntrl Fl

When I gardened in Z6, I grew verbena Sissinghurst Pink. It acted as a perennial for me and bloomed throughout the summer. It's a low grower with ferny foliage and bright pink flowers. I bought my plant from Bluestone Perennials - I see that they still sell it. - June

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