Orlando Veg Seedling Giveaway

abnorm(Orlando)February 2, 2013

I like starting seeds.....I've got a decent lighting set-up and a small but devoted fan-base of Ya'll as veggie lovers....My Sister and Hubby want a variety of sweet frying pepper plants ......Em and Claude and Sherrie and Amel want those tasty 'maters and a few jalapenos and such....

Now Maxine set the bar this year.....she said "Show me the HEAT!".....so with those marching orders and Silvia's generous seed locker.....I give you the "2013 Downtown Orlando Pepper Giveaway"

HOT Pepper plants include:

Scotch Bonnet
Habernaro (seeds from a fresh pod)


Also a few mixed Jalapenos available

And a few extra singles: sweet pepper or seasoning pepper orphans

Eggplant seedlings include: Orlando and Black Beauty....
(I'm trying to keep my mature Orlando eggplant for a second season)

Tomatoes ?.....Not many unclaimed extras this time around

They're all in clear 8/10 oz cups....easy to see the roots.....They are under the lights but itching to GO! You'll need to move them in/out as the weather permits .....hmmm what did Phil the groundhog say ?

I'll try to have some plastic cat litter jugs w/holes to carry your treasures home....makes moving 5 cups at a time easy......

Colonialtown North neighborhood.....32803....
Weekends...Nites...also sometimes Tues and Thurs

Send an E-mail to my name/profile for more info


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whgille(FL 9b)

Hi Doug and Pam

What a generous veggie seedling offer! I still have your purple jalapeno. Are you going to smoke some of the peppers? Don't forget that hopefully we will have a get together/party/swap around April. Aji amarillo chili powder is very difficult to find, I always have one in the house for cooking.
Seedlings look very healthy!


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Thanks Silvia......

I've tried smoking the peppers before.....

But they are too hard to stay lit ;-)


Robert/Rednofl......I set your selections aside.....

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rednofl(9b Goldenrod Fl hz 10)

Thank you Doug now I gotta make room for 5 more

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scents_from_heaven(z9b Orlando FL)

Doug, you know this pathetic gardener will take any lost and lonely strays and give them a fighting chance and good home. Linda &

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Nice meeting you Robert.......

HiYa Linda and Ted....

I've been thinking about those "missing-from-the-forum" lately ....I checked and found Ted's phone #.....I'll give you a call

Vqueen.....see ya this week


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Picked up my seedlings today.... the cat litter jugs were a great idea they made transporting the seedlings so easy...... thanks Doug and Pam

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You are welcome Maxine......

Pardon the old-timers-disease........
The other bug "spray" was SOAP: I use Dr Bronners Peppermint Soap from the health food store....Liquid soap mixed with water and sprayed at nite

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Doug thanks for the info... you and Silvia are so knowledgeable....

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I know I'm a little late, but are there any eggplants left? I never heard of Orlando before, and would love one (or two!) Let me know, I'm a newish (2nd year) gardener in Winter Springs...

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Hello April !.....but it's March......da-da-dum!

We're down to the bottom of the basket-O-seedlings.....Yes, there is an Orlando eggplant left......these are the smallish oriental style elongated purple skinned fruit

Send me an email via my profile and/or enable YOUR profile/email.......do you get near downtown?


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Wow, I feel like I just won the lottery, thanks Doug! I am impressed with your garden, it's so well set up!

I really appreciate it and hopefully I will do you proud. I am sure my husband will freak out it I can actually get a tomato to grow this time, and I am going to look forward to those peppers!

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Leah you are welcome.....I look forward to seeing your progress


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zzackey(8b GA)

Abnorm, I have some Dr. Bronner's I haven't been using. What is your mixture ratio?

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Nothing scientific for measuring the soap.....generally I squeeze a bit in a hand spray bottle and fill with water....shake and spray

Probably about a half-ounce per gallon if using the pump sprayer

You don't want a heavy soap application to remain in the bright sunshine.....a morning shower is necessary to avoid "sunburn"

The Peppermint smells so nice while you're killing the little buggars.........


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