Planted the window box this year

schoolhouse_gwJuly 5, 2011

This year I managed to buy plants early enough to do the window box. I chose the blue Salvia because it does so well in the heat. This window is on the west side of the house and gets the full hot afternoon sun. Also added some Dusty Miller and planted some Nasturtium seed in the corners, a buttery yellow color with variegated leaves. My hope is that the Nasturtiums cascade over the box a bit.

So far I only have to climb the ladder once a week to water it, later I'm sure there'll be more frequent trips. Hey, it's a great view of the surrounding countryside from up there! :) For some reason the photos turned out a little grainy, plus the sun was just going down ( salvia leaves aren't yellow).

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Min3 South S.F. Bay CA

This is the first window box I have ever seen ABOVE a window! WHY?

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Yes, my thoughts exactly!

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I think that looks so cool!

I love the salvia with the dusty miller, too.

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Cher(6 SW OH)

It looks lovely. The combination works really well.

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Well, there used to be the original, tall schoolhouse window there, but in the 1940's my uncle replaced it with an ugly modern one when he lowered ceilings in this half of the house; and you can still see the patch above the present window (one I put in). In the library, I reproduced one of the tall windows (because the ceilings are high in THAT part of the house), this tall window is on the same side of the house. So with the short window on one side, and the tall one on the other it looks like the house is "winking".

Anyway, years ago I decided a window box would give the illusion of extra height to the short window, esp. with tall flowers planted in it. Besides, it looks so "European" doesn't it? :)

So far it's remained in place, but as soon as I brag I'll walk out and find it on the ground.

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Very cool! Like the others said, I have never seen one above a window, but now you've got me thinking :) Maybe you can get a long enough wand so you won't have to climb a ladder to water.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

I love it, when the yellow nasturtiums start to bloom it's going to make a charming picture.


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christinmk z5b eastern WA

I LOVE IT! Just last week I was looking in a mag and saw pic of a row of window boxes put over a set of doors. I never would have thought of that in my life. They had a bunch of cascading annuals in it and it looked like water flowing over.

Please make sure to post more pics once your nasturtiums trail down! That should be incredible.

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Thanks, again. Over the years I've tried different plants: geraniums (pretty, but needed dead headed too often) trailing petunias (didn't hold up to the heat, needed much watering and frequent dead heading), coleus works if you can get small plants in early, they give the desired height plus some have very pretty blooms but also fill in and crowd out other plants, weeds work the best of all! I had to remove one that had been growing there since last fall I swear.

As far as watering, I hate fighting with a hose, have to drag one clear out from the cellar behind the house and up and around to the front of the house, and never found a water wand that didn't dribble water down my arm and into the sleeve of my t-shirts. If I'd ever get the old pump in the garden working again, I'd buy a short hose and invest in a good wand, as the pump is much closer to that side of the house.

Oh I know CMK, wouldn't a little cottage with above ground window boxes on the windows or balconies, or over arched doorways be perfect?

I just hope I didn't get the nasturtiums in too late, they have sprouted and are at least 3" high or more now. I think you can just make them out in the close-up photo. Almost didn't find the creamy yellow ones this year, they have a red/orange center if I remember right, I just happened to go out to Lowes and check their seed racks. At first I didn't see them and almost walked out with the closest I could find - the white climbing ones. I tried those one year and they didn't do well for me.

Don't mean to turn this into a thread on Nasturtiums, but I always liked the rose-colored ones. They aren't pink and they don't turn red, used to buy them all the time for a corner of the courtyard garden but haven't seen them in awhile.

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I like it!! I just pulled some of my butter yellow nasturtiums out while i was watering,but there are already others coming up to replace them.I also have some burgandy colored ones i started from seed a few years ago,and of course the orange ones.

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I planted the variety called "Jewels"(?) in an urn, they are really growing tall, leggy, so far no blooms. I've also tried those burgundy colored ones - are they the same ones that are labeled as a mahogany color? They were very nice. Are your yellow nasturtiums a solid yellow without the reddish throat? I saw some of those planted in beds at the OARDC this year.

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

What a cute idea. But I can see it would be a pain to water. It does have a European flavor.

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If watering it isn't too difficult, I think it's a great idea, and it will be so pretty from inside once the nasturtiums hang down in front of the window!

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What a smart idea! Something different is a good thing.

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natalie4b(7b GA)

Why be "normal"? :) I love the idea of placing a window box over the window, and have trailing and cascading flowers draping it, so you can see them from the inside as well. Good for you - enjoy!

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roxanna(z5b MA)

schoolhouse ~ love the above-window box! here's a suggestion for you to help with the watering aspect. i have been using a product called HydroMat in all my containers & windowboxes for the past 2 years, and it is wonderful at helping to conserve moisture. it's a gel-mat that absorbs water and releases it slowly, like the crystals, but easier. unfortunately, it is a tad expensive ($45 for 15 feet) and hard to find -- i have only found it here in the US at but it really works and i do not have to water as frequently. i really recommend it!!! (and i have no affikiation with the product or the folks, other than as a customer for many years!)

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Show us a photo with both windows showing together. I like the over window effect.

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I was going to take photos this morning but by the time I got around to it the sun was on that side of the house and right in my eye (of the camera); so I just took these. It seems to be clouding up - maybe rain? hope so.
It would have been nice to have raised the ceilings in that half of the house back up so the windows didn't look so strange on the front of the house, but it would involve some $$. Not entirely impossible, perhaps the next owners may do that.

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Aren't you the clever one!
I love it!!

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I like the old schoolhouse. I went to the first grade in a similar one.

You did not ask, but... if you want a more symetrical look, you might put a similar inverted v shaped arch at the original place over the flower box on the short window, and an identical flower box below the tall window.

Just my musing.

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soxxxx - you have a good idea. And after looking at the photos, I've grown so used to the odd window placement that I really see how it could be made to look much better. My brain is clicking again. Uh-oh.

My uncle was a carpenter but did some strange things. On the back of the house (school),he merely dropped the ceilings down over the two tall windows of the half of the building he made livable. In other words he didn't cut them down or out, so the original windows are there but only the bottoms show inside. The tops are visible from the outside but are camouflaged. Hard to explain, so here is a pic, taken last Fall showing the two windows, the center one and the one on the far right. I'm actually very happy he didn't destroy them because I love the illusion plus who knows a future owner may decide to completely gut the house and restore it. You never know.

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This afternoon, two older Amishmen in a buggy went by my house and laughed at my window box! LOL!

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