Whats been blooming update.. omg 19 picks! lol

silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)July 8, 2010

Ive been so busy looking and evaluating daylily seedlings, I had to force myself to look at what else was still in good shape..

A medley since last I posted..

First Sunflower of the year..

Dianthus Siberian Blues, dancing in amongst blanketflower goblin dwarf..

Double Gold Rudbeckia

Lone Mexican Hat, background corepsis Mayfield Giant

Lavender.. it blooms so long, smells so pretty.. too bad I cant grow the french types, as I would love to see some of those personally

Rudbeckia Irish Eyes, A personal Fav of mine

Double Clarkia

Blueberry Sundae Pansies

Annual Phlox

Abraham Darby Rose

A couple select daylily seedlings, I wont bore you with all of them lol... you will just have to join the daylily forum for that!

Heritage Rose in group shot.. lovely

Surpasse Toute, I can see now why Paul Barden on his website commented on why this has been passed down and preserved..

I cant really remember last time I posted, so will stop there.. probable overdid it anyways.. Again!

Sorry to anyone with dialup.

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As far as i'm concerned you didn't over do it.All your flowers are gorgeous.I didn't think anyone besides me grew Clarkia,although mine didn't come back this year,i love them,great filler flower.
Those lilies look good enough to eat,and that last rose is gorgeous,what a nice bright color.TFS and anytime you want to show us more,feel free,i love seeing what others are growing.

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All my favorites,too. Very nice.

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I wish that I could live in Maine during the flower growing months. Every leaf and flower look so perfect.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Your garden must look really pretty right now. I love the roses, wonderful. Plus I am also loving all the different blackeyed susans. Lovely flowers.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Love those Double Gold Rudbeckia! Adding 'em to my seed list for next year. Thanks for sharing!

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

Just thought I'd report that I did find the Double Gold Rudbeckia, not under Rudbeckia but under Gloriosa Daisy or Black eye susan. Item#324433A 1 pkt=100 seeds for $2.95.
Check Burpee.com..under seeds. Now I will look down at Home Depot or my grocery store under these names. They are so beautiful and unusual, can't let them pass up.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Pippi, I found them at Seeds of Change.

Here is a link that might be useful: Double Gold

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wow - such vibrant colors! thanks for sharing :)

I had to do a search of that last rose you posted and I happened upon a thread you started last year on the antique rose forum deciding between that rose and the Duc de Guiche. Is that when you got the Surpasse Toute? I would love to add an OGR like that to my beds, are you really happy with your choice? May I ask what you have planted near it (with a color that vibrant I'd be afraid of having something planted close by that might be the wrong tone).

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Very beautiful! Fantastic flowers!

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The colors look so beautiful! Enjoyed the pictures so much!


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silverkelt...your gardens must be beautiful. I especially love daylily 4 and 6. I love daylilies and these are so pretty. Is this their first year to bloom and if not are they rebloomers?

soxxxx...it made me laugh to read that you are envious of Maine. I spend the early months of the year being envious of you Southerners and your early bloomers. Thank goodness for Garden Web where I get my fix until I can get into the gardens. I really love the pictures everyone shares and hope to see more from you silverkelt.

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silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)

I have yellows near it.. and some later bloomers such as asters and some purple Canterbury bells.. I dont know when its really going to bloom as this was a bare root, I think it will be earlier next year.. in which case its close to a R. Centifolia as well, a medium pink.. pink goes with just about anything, Ive thought about adding a massive white behind it like alba maxima, which Ive ordered twice from pickering and still haven't received!

The only colors Ive discovered that you cant work into a scheme are those that are closely related.. two slightly different mauve's can look off..

However, thats me!


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silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)

Oh I never answered about the dayliles, these are my seedlings still under evaluation.. I have no doubt, considering some of their genetic parents that they may rebloom, but after 9 years of growing daylilies, Ive seen 2-3 rebloom scapes.. none of which bloomed as the frost got them before they fully grew.

I think there is a Emmerich daylily she claimed would throw out instant rebloom even in her Minnesota garden, However, even Minnesota actually starts earlier than here.. her season is a tad longer, Ive been out to MN a few times and they are generally more advanced in their bloom season by 2-3 weeks than here.


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Thanks for the info Silverkelt. I'm seriously going to look into this rose - I can't get it off my mind :)


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Love your daylily seedlings, especially the second one! The colors are so soft looking and love that chicken fat!

Oh, almost forgot to say that all of your flowers look great! :-)

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Very beautiful flowers, Silverkelt.

Your garden is colorful and interesting and very cottagey.

I love the Double Gold Rudbeckia too. We grew Clarkias in California, but haven't ever tried them here. I'd have to order them, as they are not sold here in any nursery I've been to anyway.

I have ONE plant of Irish Eyes this year. One of my dogs dug up all of my seedlings I planted last year but the one. I put a wrought iron skirt around it and is doing fine and blooming this year. I shouldn't have planted them where I did. I knew he dug in there. Going to move her around to the back where I grew them before. She is one of my faves too. Such BIG flowers and the green center cones are so different. (I love greens).

I hope my Heritage rose is that lovely when it grows up.
I grew it from a cutting that 'plantmaven' sent me two years ago. And what fragrance!

You could never post too many pictures as far as I am concerned. I LOVE to see pictures!

Maine is such a beautiful part of this country. The forest at the back of your flowers with your path going back that way is very picturesque. Lucky you to have that as your background. I bet you see a lot of wildlife.

Thanks for sharing with us.
Do it again, and soon!

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Just wonderful plant portraits. You've got some gorgeous daylilies!

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Looking at your seedlings, and on Daylily forum also. Your seedlings are much better looking than some introduced flowers I have seen there.
I had to laugh about people wanting the double rudbeckia. I could have supplied everyone with plants this spring. It grows like a weed here and finally got the round-up treatment this spring. I just can't give that much room to any one plant.
I especially enjoyed the roses, they aren't widely grown here, take too much time to keep then disease free.

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FlowerLady6(z10 Fl)

Oh my, what beauties you have growing there. I especially love your daylilies.


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