Fragrant Oleander

sugaratFebruary 1, 2012

Can fragrant oleanders grow in Florida? I have only found the non-fragrant kind. It seems to be available in Texas and the south west states but I have never heard of it being available in Florida. If so, where would one buy a fragrant oleander? Nurseries don't seem to be familiar. Mail order perhaps?

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stuartwanda(N. Stuart)

The fragrant oleanders have double flowers and no seeds. There use to be one on the corner here with the other kind. I love that smell! Sorry don't know where to get one but if you can find one maybe take cuttings for yourself.

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The double yellow is fragrant and you see that sometimes at the box stores. I got mine at Walmarts years ago.

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Thanks for the good news. Glad to see they can grow here. I will see if I can track down some locally. I didn't want to start driving around if they didn't exist here. Thanks for the help.

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