My Maryland Brn Turkey pix

herman2_gwAugust 28, 2007

Before i found this fig i had a handfull of other Brn.Trk.and some were bland ,some were a little insipid,some were cracking very badly.

So my impression was,it is an inferior cultivar.

When i had first fruits out of this one(same year when i got it),i changed my opinion completelly.

Now i believe there are a lot of worth less brn Turkey,and there is this excellent fig that is cold ,and rain,resistant,and also taste and fill like strawberry jam.

You can take the skin out and spread it on biscuit and nobody will know is not organic strawberry Jam.

Too Bad My cheep camera can't capture the true color of the interior.It is like ripe Strawberry

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

Herman, is this the one you got from Home Depot 3 or 4 years ago?

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Hi Herman,

What a fig! I have two "Brown Turkey" varieties and neither one has such a red pulp if anything just light pink colored and don't taste like strawberries. It looks like you have a real winner.

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No Jon :This one came from the same old lady in Columbia Maryland.
I think i gave you cuttings unless you refused them for being, brn trk.

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I believe that I have "Eastern" Brown turkey, not English Brown Turkey as the necks are much shorter.

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JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)

My 'Brown Turkey' has a pale pink flesh, and the figs are usually hollow. Fig size, color, and flavor have all been extremely variable--always juicy and sweet but flavor has ranged from quite good to rather bland, even among figs picked on the same day.

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gene_washdc(zone 5a)

Scott, 'Eastern Brown Turkey' and 'English Brown Turkey' are synonyms for the "true" Brown Turkey. "Eastern"/"English" were added to the name when people in CA started (erroneously) calling the San Piero "Brown Turkey". So if you have the "Eastern" BT, then you also have the "English" BT.

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Maybe, since it so different from the norm, it is not a BT
after all? Same as the 'Celeste' from the same source, that
turned out to be a better fig (aka BM)...
George (NJ).

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Thanks, Gene, that straightened me out on Brown Turkey names. No wonder figs drive you crazy. Jon's website shows lots of Brown Turkeys that look like mine, but Herman has showed some pictures from the web that look like his. Mine sure don't look (or taste) like Herman's, though. No long necks, pulp is only light strawberry, not red.

Herman, I'm so jealous. You wouldn't save me a cutting or two this winter so I could try it out in Georgia, would you? I keep thinking those long necks will shed the rain like Hunt. I probably don't have anything you are interested in, but do have a Celeste that hasn't dropped figs in our 100 degree heat and drought this summer, also Peter's Honey that is just ripening now.


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Hi Herman,

This is what passes for Brown Turkey around here. Does this seem reasonable to you? Is it similar to what you have?

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Scot :Your Brown Turkey look exactly like mine.
Small differences might be because the diference in climates,a little bit.
I am sure it is the same fig.I like it being a no problem fig,that thrive on neglect.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Hi Scott in GA,

Are you still around and into figs?

Do you have a fig tree that produces figs like the ones in your picture above in your post?

This is a very old thread, so I hope you are still in figs so you can reply.

I like this new format. When did it change to this one?



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Hi Noss,

Yep, still in to figs, but I gave up on the Brown Turkeys. The figs could be very large, but with the open eye rain was a problem. I gave away the last one out of the yard this year (although there might be one still growing in a ditch out by the creek). I found that figs that withstood the rain better (Hunt, Col de Dame, Hardy Chicago, Celeste, Black Madeira, Violette de Bordeaux) were just more dependable croppers.


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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Thanks, Scott, for the fast reply.

Several people have sent me BT cuttings and little trees, so I will be happy to grow them and see how they do. With them being in pots, perhaps if it's rainy, I can just pull them under the carport to keep them from splitting. If they split when it's rainy, while under the carport, they will be gone if anyone would want them.


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