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journalbeeJuly 5, 2011

i just posted over on the hydrangea forum. but i thought maybe someone here would have input also.

we just purchased a grandiflora. we did no research. i would like to get 2 more. just wondering what the feedback was on the grandiflora. they also had a limelight in the same price range.

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alisande(Zone 4b)

I don't have Pee Gees, but I see them around. They're huge and impressive; some of them are grown as trees. I don't think I've ever seen three together, although one house has two trees in the front yard.

I love my Limelights, but unfortunately so do the deer. Paniculatas are deer candy, I'm told. They keep mine pruned; I just hope they let them bloom this year. I'm spraying with Liquid Fence.

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i'd love to see a pic of your limelight. yes, i am sure that the deer will come by for a visit. the PeeGee's that you have seen are they very droopy? the fence line is about 80 feet. so i could do 3. but... maybe i just want one. maybe i should put it in front of the house. you have given me more to think about.


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I grow pee gee limelights and a climbing hydrangea. there are many forms of pee gees (grandifloras) and in my opinion the pee gees are the best. What would you like to know? They do produce heavy flowers, and can be weighed down because of the weight. However their flowers continue to point outwards despite the weight - so no drooping. I encourage you to leave the flowers on thru winter (unless there's a danger of branch breaking because of the snow accumulating on the flowers). They can work well as an informal hedge if you plant them in rows. I haven't encountered any diseases that affect these plants. I wouldn't call them trees. They grow tall but well below 10 feet. So perhaps the term should be a tall shrub.


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thanks Ianna for your response. the ticket says tree grandiflora hydrangea. it says it will grow 10-15. it's about 5 feet now. but i don't know if we will have the right conditions for it to grow to it's fullest.
we have the one right now and have not put it in the ground just yet. i'm not sure if we will get more. i think my biggest question, (other than what was the best choice grandiflora or limelight) was whether it would do better with morning sun till 1 or afternoon sun (noon till 5). i had planned on putting this guy on the inside of the fence line. but if it needs sun all day i can put it in front of the house.
we are in zone 6a. where is yours?
thanks again for your input.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Journalbee, I don't grow 'Limelight' but I have heard many great things about it, especially used as a hedge. I do have 'Tardiva' and I think that grows much like 'Limelight' and it seems to grow in a more vase-like shape. My Peegee hydrangeas are a little more informal for lack of a better word, but the flowers are absolutely incredible. One of mine gets a lot of shade and blooms nicely with good color. My other one gets a bit more sun but not full sun.

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thyme2dig, do you have a pic??? i'd love to see.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Here are some pics. Although this shrub is a little more informal than 'Limelight' I wouldn't be without a couple in my yard. I'm still trying to train this one into a bit of a small broad tree form.

Dried out heads. If you cut them when they are pink they will retain the color.

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

I found this link.

I need one of these!

Here is a link that might be useful: grandiflora

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I picked up 3 Pinky Winky PGs on sale one year at the garden centre. I kept 2 and gave 1 to my Mom. Hers looked like it was gone for 2 years and then the next year sprung to life and has been going strong ever since!!!

One of mine is next to the shed in late afternoon light (3-sundown) Last year it was covered - like the pics above. It's about 4x4 right now (it started out around 2x1). Seems to REALLY like the location.

The second of mine is in the front yard and gets sun from about (11-3 - I know, the hottest part of the day but we live on a lake, so water is no issue). We got it and it was missing all the branches in the middle. It too was about 1x2'. I trimmed off all the bottom branches and am letting it grow into a tree shape. It's around 4x2' right now with the top half covered in leaves. I've surrounded the base with sedums, pinks, peony, jacob's ladder. I was at the garden centre last weekend and saw that they had the same set up (slightly bigger though) for $95....since I got mine on sale as a strange looking, sad little guy for $5, I figure I've made quite the investment there!

Either way, I love the gorgeous bright white blooms when they first "pop". Remind me of a bridal veil....I love it when they fade to pink and then I love the look of the flowers over the winter with clumps of snow sitting on top. I've never seen them sag

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lois(PA Zone 6)

I love, love, love hydrangea paniculata. Blooms for a long time, no disease that I know of, doesn't need watering in summer... It's a great low maintenance shrub.

They also have some dwarf types: Little Lime, Bombshell, Tickled Pink (4-5 ft high), Mystical Flame (3-4 feet tall). I am hoping to get Mystical Flame and see how it works as a foundation plant.

The only drawback is that I hear they don't grow as well in the southwest.

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china1940(Z5 MO)

I hope I didn't make a mistake in a weak moment. I bought a peegee pink Hydrangea at Walmart today. Pkg says it gets 6 foot tall. but from everything I have read on the internet. This hydrangea gets massive and doesn't turn pink until it is older. Can anyone tell me the truth about this type of hydrangea? I do have endless summers etc. I am in zone 5 in mid MO. I havne't planted it yet. thanks

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