To peel or not to peel?

fluffyfinchAugust 27, 2009

When I was growing up, my family used to have two varieties of fig--Black Mission and some kind of greenish variety from Italy. My parents always peeled these figs before eating them fresh, so I assumed everyone did the same. But lately I've noticed that some people eat their figs skin-on.

Just curious on what kind of fig-eating habits some of you here have. Are there some varieties that are appropriate for eating skin-on and others that aren't? Or do some of you peel everything or eat just about any skin?

I'm just so used to peeling that I had started to assume that the peel was not edible.

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We always ate whole with the skin on, never had any reason to peel. Sometimes just cut in half to make sure theres no bugs inside, then eat everything except stem. I never peela figs. Ciao

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I eat them whole like above poster Maggie, i would like to note that when i eat apples, pears, i peel them.
I seen a video of desert king being picked and eaten and the skin looked rather thick to thick for me personally.

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I could see myself trying out some thin-skinned varieties whole. Peeled or unpeeled, cutting the fig in half is always a good idea to me. Call me paranoid, but I don't want any squishy buggy surprises.

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I usually eat the skin. However I also cut mine in half to see if there are any bugs inside like others have said. Here in the desert the skin sometimes gets a little to firm and leathery and when it does I just eat the flesh out of the halves and leave the skin behind kinda like eating ousters on the half shell.

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I like to eat it with peel and all, but the wife always peels, or make me peel it when she catches me eating them whole. I also cut them in half to check for bugs before eating.

Odd thing about my desert king, it's got thick skin, but it's really soft and not leathery at all... I guess there's more than one desert king out there.

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While I've not had this problem, I have read that the skins of Black figs are generally more caustic than those of White figs. For sensitive people, eating Black fig skins can cause problems in their mouth and digestive track (i.e. mouth sores, diarrhea, etc.).

Personally I like eating the skins on most varieties. For some varieties eating the skin is part of the overall pleasure. Foe example: when you eat a Champagne fig skin and sort of pops in your mouth and you get that burst of sweetness right after. It's a very pleasant sensation and one you would miss if you peeled the fig. When eating the LSU Gold skin and sort of melts in your mouth like a ball of honey....another wonderful sensation. On one of my Celeste strains, the skin has good flavor besides the pulp.


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jstall(8 N.E.TX)

Somea times I peela da figa, somea time I no peela da figa

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I usually eat peel-and-all! Often I feel that latex
after-taste though! I presume from the skin, maybe
because the fig is not fully ripe yet. If the fig
had started to shrivel - yum,yum all...

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ccc1 I did not say Desert King. Its 111Deg F with 7% humidity here and we are expecting more of the same tomorrow which is normal this time of year. A couple years ago we had 65 days in a row of 110Deg F or above. This year we are doing a little

100+Deg F and lower than 10% humidity = leathery fig skins.

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Thinking hard, there may be a difference...

For large and/or thick-skinned figs, it may be a good
practice to peel-some-off, specially from the stem end.

For small and/or thin-skinned figs, no bother...

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Ah, I see... read wrong the first time, sorry. Amazing what you miss when you skim through posts too quickly.

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