Blooms from the past few days

Nancy zone 6June 8, 2012

Been busy the last few days & hadn't had a chance to post my photos. Here are some of them

Touched by Grace

Mahogany Magic


Darius, not an impressive looking daylily, but they all look good to me in a clump

It was overcast a couple of days ago, at least for a few seconds at a time, so I tried to get clump shots of some that are hard to get the color. The sun always reflects off of Mary Todd so you don't get the bright color it really is. I was rushing while the sun was behind a cloud so you get all the dead blooms too. She's really been working hard this year.

Primal Scream, really should have taken the time to get those mushies off, but the clouds covered the sun a few seconds at a time

Chance Encounter

Gift from Heaven looking a little different lately, more pinched looking, must be the cooler temps

Roady wanted to be seen

My 18-year-old, not much for getting her picture taken

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Roadie always wants your attention ha-ha! The older Kitty looks very regal. Daylilies, well so many lovely ones you have here. They all look great. I always love the jump in your face color of Primal Scream and MARY TODD is such a workhorse here in my garden also. Touched by Grace is really pretty. It ties with Mahogany Magic for my favorite.

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Julia NY(6)

MARY TODD is the showoff. PRIMAL SCREAM is so vibrant in color and you have lots of blooms on that one too.
Roady is so cute and of course your older cat seems like she could care less. LOL.


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Waitforspring(6 MA)

Touched by Grace is my favorite, but the clump shots of Mary Todd and Primal Scream are very impressive.
Roady looks like he's challenging the camera, but your 18 year old looks very sedate.

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Love your fur babies. The older one is a beauty, and Roady looks like a fun character. Primal Scream is my pick.. Of course, I love orange and bright ones, so it would be my favorite.

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My favorites are all the clump pics!
Cats :) Love the cat pictures. Roady is exactly the color of our new kitten, we found him on the parking lot last November.

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Nancy zone 6

Thanks everyone! Roady appreciates the attention too. My senior cat just thinks it due her as Empress of the Universe.

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deangreen(7b OK)

Darius does look good with all those blooms ad stripes! great clump photo. :)

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You have some great clump shots today and I love that big yellow one, Caledonia. I think I've said this before, not only are there daylily enablers on this forum, there are also cat enablers. One of these days a kitten is going to find her way into my household. Thank goodness, you can't order kittens online! What a strange thought! I especially like your 18 year old lady. And by the way, your lawn looks really good.

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Great looking blooms my favorites are Chance Encounter and Darius. The best are really Roady and your grand looking senior, love them both.

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Nancy zone 6

I have always thought Darius deserves more attention than he gets, a nice dependable daylily.
It is rather a cat enabling forum, isn't it, Christine? I have to say, most of my cats have found me. Miss Grumpy above (one of the nicer names we call her :) came into our yard as a kitten. Roady's unfortunate full name is Roadkill-I stopped in the middle of a 4 lane road in morning traffic to grab him by the tail before he ran into traffic. He was crouched on the yellow stripe. The 13 year old that died last spring was a parking lot kitten that came home with me. I've been thinking I need another kitten, but I don't really want a new cat to stress the old one. She had a stroke last year, recovered much better than I expected, but still a bit wobbly.

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