Fig Orchard photo

hrhcsh(7)August 15, 2011

This is my "Fig Orchard" 15 plants 11 varieties. All but three were started from cuttings this spring, Some of the cutting plants are bigger than plants I bought at Lowe's

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frozenjoe(9 Arizona)

Nice looking orchard. When all of those plants mature you will have more figs than you know what to do with! But you may regret the location of that bird feeder. Birds love to eat figs. I try to leave my cat in the yard as much as possible to discourage them.


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That in not a bird feeder.... Its a BIG rain gauge that you can see from 50 feet away :>)
About half of them have figs on them, I hope I can keep them from freezing this winter. I'm thinking about building wire cages out of fence and filling with straw and grass clippings, and then wrapping with tarps. If I can get through the first winter without being frozen back to the roots, I believe I'll have more figs than I will know what to do with... :>)

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frozenjoe(9 Arizona)

A rain gauge. Nice. My bad. Looks like you have a good setup there.


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wabikeguy(7 AB)

I just moved to a 7a location myself. What varieties are they and how do you plan to protect them in the winter?

Also...just an observation...but they do seem to be planted awfully close to each other. If each tree has the potential to spread ten feet wide or more....and at least that high...

These guys can grow fast.

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Alma,Brooklyn White, Brown Turkey, Black Greek, Giant Black German, Louisiana Purple, Hardy Chicago, Celeste, Black Mission, Hardy Hartford.... Welllll they are about 12 feet apart in the rows and then the rows are about 10 feet apart, but the trees are staggered from the row next to it, Probably could have spaced them further apart... But what is done is done. this Is my layout,



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lukeott(7 south jersey)

i going to be doing this in about 5 years or so. most of my trees are new this year so they will stay in pots til they get older and tougher. i like your set-up but thinking that the rows should be 20' apart and also in the rows 20' from each other. i'm thinking this would allow plenty of room for each tree to get full sun when they grow larger. wondering if there is a certain way they should be planted? like maybe when they ripen or their growing habit. seems to me someone has put all this thought behind this already and laid out the plan for it. well i have a couple of years to study this so til then. wishing you good health, Luke

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I have 5 trees in pots, so I do not know for sure...........
Your figs are planted closer then my Blue berry plants.
Are you going to keep them pruned or do you want a maze/hedge like garden.
I have seen one tree grow to 30 feet wide & the owner said he does not care for it. It get rain & he gets figs.

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