How long do figs take to ripen?

cpereira(Z6 NJ)August 11, 2007


I'm in NJ (Z6). My fig tree is a Petite Negra and this is its 3rd year.

I have had 7 figs on the since early June and they show no signs of ripening. They're about 1 1/2 inches and are not growing any larger either.

How long do figs take to ripen?

I've seen this question asked before, but haven's seen any answer.

Thank you


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gene_washdc(zone 5a)

Hi C,

Yes, that question gets asked alot, and understandbly so.

The reason it never gets answered is that nobody can. There are a thousand and one variables that come into play: variety, age, health, micro-climate, location, how it's been pruned, whether it's in a pot or the ground, current season's weather, etc. The only thing I can tell anyone is when my figs ripened last year -- this year they seem to be ripening earlier for some, later for others. Go figure.

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gene, you are right there are so many factors affecting fig ripening .

something happened this year; first week in April all my figs were (?) killed by cold weather. Everything seemed to be dead.
I had to start from scratch. It means my figs started leafing in early May.
I ate some ripe figs couple weeks ago and every day I eat some ripe figs.

So my friend it tells how much it takes for a fig to ripe, 2 months. WARNING! it happened this year and it does not mean it will be the same time next year or that it was the same length of time last year. Sometimes it takes 2, sometimes 3 and sometimes 4 months to get ripe. I would say 3 months are sort of reliable length of time?
Just to remind you I leave in Ontario Canada and my figs are in containers.

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I have one Petite Negra for 4 years and it has only 5 figs.
It is a very unproductive fig comparing to other varieties.
I will give you a time line.
From when you notice the fig embrio,growing ,till it is ripe it needs 70 days of Sommer time.
For me this is the last year of having a petite Negra.
It failed,and it is destined to the garbage can.Cheers

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cpereira(Z6 NJ)

Thanks Radovan and Gene. I'll try to have more patience with these. Maybe its because the tree is only in its 3rd year. Its in a container.

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cpereira(Z6 NJ)

What variety of fig would you recommend?
I'm disappointed in the crop - 7 at most this, its 3rd year, the first year it has borne fruit early enough to ripen.
.. and fresh figs in the supermarket are way too expensive to really enjoy.

Thank you.

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Hardy Chicago and Sal's fig, English Brown Turkey fig or all three,is a good way to start.

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My fig tree ripens each year in late September; it started producing great figs in year three. Do you think your container is large enough? When I can get a good cutting, with roots, from my tree I want to try growing it in a 24-inch diameter container. My tree, a cutting from a neighbors tree, Turkish variety, is buried in a foot of mulch, never covered, pruned heavily each Spring. It grows about ten feet tall, and the figs are a joy to eat.

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Is Petite Negra the same as mission? I read on a site that is was.. Just a little clarification.. Thanks!

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I planted my Petite Negra fig from a cutting I got in the mail this spring in my backyard and it is already forming about a dozen figs. The fig fruit don't appear ripe yet. I'm located in Texas and I'm surprised at how fast the fig tree grew. It is about 2-3 foot tall and wide.

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cpereira(Z6 NJ)


I've read about the joy of seeing ripe figs on the tree but now I know how it feels!

5 of the 7 are ripe & I'll pluck them tomorrow. Just prolonging the joy - after all, there's only 7.

Thanks all for the encouragement.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I had to bump this because I was wondering. I have 2 figs that are about 1" long, and about 5 more that have just emerged. So 70 days of heat for them to get ripe?

We had a bunch of hot days, then a little cool spell, and it's supposed to get really hot this weekend, and then forever till October. So hopefully, sometime in July, I'll get to taste my first fig!!

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Late September is good time for figs to ripen in zone 6. That is the tie my figs ripen, provided the branches are pinched and the little figs are thinned no more than 20-25 figs per a tree. I have one tree with ripened figs late July and early August because it is in a pot and I kept it in the green house. It plumed in February and had little figs in March and got it out of the green house end of April. Figs planted in the ground ripen late I will have a room in the green house to 4 trees in pots.

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I had a new crop begin to form a month or so ago. Now, it's getting cold and I'm wondering if they will have a chance to ripen before frost arrives. Or is there is anything I can do to hasten ripening? Any ideas?

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I am pretty new for fig grow, this year is my first yeat to harvest fig, I have one Petite Negra, 3rd year, got 4 small fig, slowly riped, at the same time, my chicargo hardy also the 3rd year, show up more fruits and riped quicker, My best fig is the one from North China, fengtai beijing fig, also, year 3rd from bareroot. The tree produced a lot of huge sized fruits, very juicy, start harvest every day starting the end of August. Still have a few to pick, I feel like the ripe depend on the temperature, one day hot like 80 degree, the fig size is boosted, I have to pick it otherwise, the bird got them.
I am going to write down the ripe schedule next year for reference.

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