New babies! Yay!

Ginny McLean_Petite_GardenAugust 4, 2011

My new baby irises have arrived from Trail's End. Many thanks to Ann and Bob for the excellent quality and extras as usual. And thank you to my DH for his hard work digging the extension to my iris bed. I have babies to share with my neighbours and I have the whole weekend booked for planting here and at my GF's new house. Hopefully the weather has the same plans. :)

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Which ones did you get?


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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

The list is too long for this forum. I am a certified iris addict. I now have over 500 different cultivars and still collecting.

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OMG You truly are an addict. It must be absolutely stunning when they are in bloom.

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Honalee, it's very good to know why your DH was doing all that digging =:) You could insert me into a picture like that. I've gotten very proficient with a lot of different shovels, and a wheelbarrow, as DH is never around when I need it done.

I'm curious why you order from Trail's End instead of Chuck. He's been mentioned on here numerous times.

I've just gotta get myself some new irises =:)

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

NAF ~ Trail's End is only half of my order. The Chapman order hasn't arrived yet. Iris addiction is an art form with me. I have been ordering from both for a few years now and have NEVER been disappointed! And this year Ann and Bob are getting a baby of their own. Master Cash is going to live with them and the rest of their crew down in Ontario! I couldn't hand pick a better home for him!

Beegood ~ This year was amazing with all the peonies and iris in bloom . And half of the irises are not even at the bloom stage yet. My neighbours and local dog walkers just love to stop and admire the "Goddess of the Rainbow" in all her glory! :) It is my pleasure as well as my passion and I am glad to share it!

Gairden's Johnny Cash in training

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CONGRATS on the new babies!!! :) I would love to see a pic of that garden!! :) :)

I have some irises too, but they only last for about a weekish in the beginning of summer. Is this normal for irises??

It's one of my favorite flowers for sure, I just love the smell of them. I was thinking of ordering more for fall planting. I should do that soon, but there are definitely too many varieties to choose from that I LOVE the looks of!!

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Sweety ~ I think most of the iris orders have gone out for your growing zone for this season. You might try Chapman's in Guelph. He may still ship out a late order. Iris only bloom in the spring in your area and mine. I think I've only had one or two fall reblooms on Supreme Sultan and Victoria Falls or Breakers. I grew up close to the exhibition grounds here in Edmonton and the Ice Capades, Shrine Circus and Exhibition fireworks only came once a year for a week or so but OH what a show they put on!! That is what made it so exciting! I guess that is why I have peonies, irises, and daylilies.:)

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Oh No ! I didn't realize it would already be too late to order for this year. Maybe I should call Chuck on Monday.

Sweety2002 - When you talk of the blooms only lasting a short while, remember that the leftover foliage is green and attractive for the rest of the season, unlike the mess that tulips leave behind =:)

Honalee we need pictures.........

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Ewwwww! Cold, wet and windy! Unbelievable storm last night and what a downpour! I guess I won't be planting irises this weekend! :(

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How disappointing. We're almost half way to next weekend though =:)

Will your babies bloom next year? I've never planted new irises, but I've sent an email to Trail's End to see if a few things I want are still available.

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