fig lower leaves turning yellow/brown with black spots, falling

rose42August 7, 2011


this is my first post- your online community is amazing!

i did find another thread where someone described lower leaves of their fig turning yellow and falling off and i did glean some info from this, but i want to make sure im not overlooking anything bc i have a bit of a mild obsession with my figs...

i have 4 figs, each in pots. zone 5, they get at least 7 hours of direct sunlight every day, and it has been hot hot HOT lately. i noticed about 2 weeks ago that my large brown turkey (potted in a large plastic muck bucket with several small makeshift drainage holes in the bottom) bottom leaves, maybe 3 or 4 of them, were yellowish and brown, especially at the tips, and there were a bunch of pinpoint black dots on these leaves as well. these have since fallen of and now im seeing 5 more with this issue. i have had maybe one or two similar leaves noted on 2 of my other fig trees. other than this the tree is growing like a weed. i just started to use dr earth fertilizer for flowering trees (rec by my garden center for the figs) after i noticed the leaf issue.

based on what i read in the other forum that sounded similar- it may be too much water, or the roots may be getting too hot. is this correct? is there anything else i should be doing? and im assuming the pinpoint black dots dont mean anything more than that the leaf is dying?

help would be hot, thank you guys so much!!


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Hi Rose,
its quite possible too much water.
Here near chicago its been warm and i notice lowest leaves are similar as your description.
In my case its the water coming out of watering can and or hose hitting the lowest leaves each day sometimes resting on top of soil thats doing it for me.


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thanks martin,

i suspected that may be the case... but i also read somewher that these might be rust spots caused by a fungus? does this sound familiar? im noticing them on a lot of the green leaves now too...


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Yes it could be rust spots , here i do not get rust until late in season just before trees go dormant with the humid nights.
In some area's like florida for example rust comes during season.
You can google fig leaf rust to see some pictures that may be of help.
If its just the lowest leaves at soil level its from watering , if higher up it could be rust.

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thanks so much,

i worry bc iots the lower leaves, but its a tall topiary tree and the leaves affected arent near the soil. ill cehck into rust, thank you so much!! it has been so humid here recently!


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