Siberian Iris growing info

Ginny McLean_Petite_GardenSeptember 2, 2009

Just curious if anyone in zone 3 grows siberian iris or japanese iris? I planted Caesar's Brother last year and it did ok to come back but has not bloomed. I planted Picotee Wonder and Emotion on either side of it this year and was wondering if there is anything I should know about these irises. All are in full sun on the west side of a north/south open fence.


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

I planted three or four of them about three years ago and two finally bloomed this spring. Can't tell you anything else about them, though. I think Brenda has the same ones i do - a package from Veseys.

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I have several siberian iris. Depending on size it seems to take them a year or two to settle in and get blooming.
I have one that bloomed for a couple years then quit. I divided it and expected blooms this year and no such luck. Maybe next year.

Some of mine have to be divided every 2 or 3 years where others don't. You can usually tell by fewer blooms or no blooms. In my garden they are pretty much easy care, no bother plants. In fact my dreaming yellow has a single flower bloom on it right now. This is really weird because they usually bloom end of June early July. This one has been in my garden for years and has never rebloomed or bloomed this late before.

I have one Japanese iris.....It didn't bloom for a couple had many blooms this year. :) This one needs lots of water.


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Yes, I have siberian iris and Japanese iris.

Japanese iris like your Picotee Wonder will be less hardy than any siberian iris. I have mine growing on the south side of the house with the water cistern about 18" below.

I googled Emotion Japanese iris and there were no results, plant wise. I also googled Emotion Siberian iris and there were no plant kinds of results either. What kind of iris is Emotion suppose to be?

Siberian irises and Japanese irises need to be mature before they will bloom. If you have a full sun location like you mentioned, your Caesar's Brother should do just fine.

Siberian and Japanese iris do love water but, I know that here they don't get babied at all. I do have mulch around them though, which helps with the water retention.

Marcia, I have ordered daylilies in the past from Vesey's on a really good fall clearance sale but never irises.

I bought my Picotee Wonder from Walmart in Mar '03. Caesar's Brother I got in '04 and it really isn't a large plant as I keep having people ask for a piece of it.

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Thanks for the info ladies. I guess I will just have to wait out the cold winter to see who makes it. It amazes me what will grow in this yard. Perhaps it is because we are so tucked in here with all the very mature trees around.

Brenda - Emotion is an iris ensata (Japanese). It is very pretty in bloom. Google "iris emotion" and you can find a picture of it on page 2 under Guardian Garden Centre. Mine bloomed in the pot this year but was no where near that dark in color. Pretty anyway. I also have Imperial Magic and Darling for Jap. iris and Silver Edge Siberian. If they will grow out at your place, I'm sure they will tolerate an Edmonton winter.

Incidently, Imperial Magic is from Vesey's just this spring.


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Sorry, Brenda - i thought it was you who had the same irises as i bought on your list at one time. There was a mix from Veseys that i bought three falls ago, five Siberian irises, i believe - including Moon Silk, Roaring Jelly (i hate some of these names!), Dance Ballerina Dance, something with "blue" in it, and i can't offhand remember the other. I know i put tags with them but some of them must have been mislabeled because Moon Silk was supposed to be pale yellow and the one i have labelled as that was blue!

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