Leyland Cypress, partially uprooted

dorothy4981November 1, 2011

In our most recent wind storm several of our 9+ feet tall leyland cupress (planted 2 years ago) have become partially uprooted. Is there anything we can do to save these trees? We are in zone 6, Cape Cod, MA.

Thank you

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Most woody nursery stock I see here is root-bound, from being left in small pots too long at some point in the production process. Fast-growing items like Leyland cypress are all the more likely to have serious defects. If yours are showing circling etc. roots that is why they fell over. You may have to start over with smaller replacement specimens that you have corrected the roots of yourself at planting time. Otherwise the best you can do is right the existing toppled ones and stake, tie them into position for a year, hope this is adequate.

This would not assure that even if rooting out and re-connecting with the soil within the next year they won't topple again later, perhaps when many times larger.

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Thanks much bboy.

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While it's partially up-rooted, cut any circling roots you find.

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"While it's partially up-rooted, cut any circling roots you find"

Agree in principle, but probably too late by now - cutting the circling roots will likely kill the tree, as it won't have any other roots that aren't circling where they start out.

It comes down to a choice between a dead tree and one that will keep on falling over. Like bboy says, I'd start over.


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Appreciate the responses. There are no circling roots. The trees have been staked for the winter and will be replaced in the Spring if necessary.

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