Any way to get rid of Cedar-Hawthorn Rust?

donna_in_saskSeptember 13, 2012

I have a Hawthorn and some globe cedars in the same area. Every year this Hawthorn tree gets cedar rust disease; it is unsightly. I already hate this tree with its awful suckering habit and nasty thorns. The ONLY redeeming thing about this tree is the nice white blooms in the Spring. Is there a spray that can be used in the Spring or during the growing season? The cedars are really healthy and I don't see any evidence of spore thingies on them.

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I think it's similar to Cedar-Apple rust, so if anyone has had any experience with that, I would like some advice on how to proceed next year. I don't want to take out the tree if I don't have to since it is an established planting.

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I know nothing but I did some looking and here is a link

sounds like it is possible to fix. Good Luck :D

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