Figs further ripen after harvest ?

janoyanAugust 13, 2012

Contrary to common belief, I think figs do ripen, perhaps 25%, after they are harvested, not quite ripe. By leaving them out in a warm location for just a couple of days.

This is also the most effective way I find to beat the birds.

I invite your comments, whether you agree or disagree.



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In a perfect world, I'd harvest the figs (for personal use) by placing towels on the ground under the tree and waiting until they drop. Pure honey. But of course, there's the birds. I harvest a day early and do exactly the same thing you do. I see the difference in picked figs after waiting two days. If it isn't mushy (brown turkey figs) it isn't really ripe as I see it. Other varieties may not get mushy until they rot. Experiment with yours.

Will try netting in 2013.

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My figs has to fully ripen on the trees to develop the honey taste. When I buy figs from the supermarket it tastes like rubber because it did not ripen on its tree.
Birds are problem but I was able to solve it by buying few bird nets and covering all my fig producing trees. I only have four producers. The rest is very young.

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