Roses In July 2014.

nultyJuly 26, 2014

Video of roses in my garden for July 2014.


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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

Not only are your rose lovely, but your photography is excellent - wonderful collection. Thank you for sharing!!


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Hi Nancy,
delighted you enjoyed those roses and thank you for viewing the video,..i take so many pictures that it would be impossible to post them all,..including 95 of them in a video is easiest.

I have two rose bushes in my garden that grow approx 9ft high and oh boy does it drive me nuts trying to take a picture,..both were from cuttings so i have no name for this rose as is the case with most of my roses.


The very tall rose bush.

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Close up.

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Ninkasi(6ish Germany)

Lovely! I am sure those at the rose forum would enjoy seeing these too-- maybe they can help identify as well :-)

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Hi Ninkasi,
Thank you for viewing the video and i am pleased you liked the blooms,..yes its sad not to have the names of the roses,..i think there are only about three i can put names to,..most were grown from cuttings taken from bushes with no tags attached and some were grown from seeds,..the ones from seeds did not resemble anything i have in my garden so they were cross pollinated by Bees or ones i pollinated myself.

I did try identify the names from various rose growers alas i became more confused with so many looking similar,..still i enjoy seeing them in bloom and can live with not knowing the names.


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