The Good Guys

dieselerAugust 26, 2010

Recently there were thread about some bad transactions on ebay. Yes this happens but there are good folks left in world also.

As a forum member here since June of 2005 i would never stick my neck out and state otherwise.

Now active again this season these 2 are the Good Guys you can trust your getting what is described.

Hermansur and Figsnstuff .

Best Health


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I agree with you Martin,

But you forgot to mention figsnstuff ( gorgi ) is a very Very big hearted person.

Herman is like a human book about figs. Knows way too much about figs.


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Yea and I would trust dieseler too. Some of those names mentioned above I would trust over any nursery to sell me plants true to name.

Not long after I started growing figs I hoped to one day be able to sell some trees and cuttings. I would have by now too if not for one thing. The labels on my first trees washed away. You don't get a 1000+ positives from individual eBay members with no negatives by selling crap or something wrongly labeled. I have some small trees that I know the names of too and one day I will be a net seller. Just not yet.

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Let me know what you will be selling. You might have what I could be looking for. LOL


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Thanks for the vote of confidence Rafed. It will likely still be a couple of years though. I only have a few named varieties that would be big enough to sell and they are common to everyone on this forum. I have a bunch of hard to obtain varieties from cuttings I purchased last season from Encanto Farms. I really like figs though so they are all mine until they get big enough to take cuttings from and they have good labels.

It really sucks losing all your labels. Then you can't legitimately sell or trade anything. You don't know what variety it is so you get another one of the same variety by mistake. Arrg!!!lol.

A word to all the new fig lovers; Use the permanent aluminum or copper name tags or some other very permanent form of label.

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This is what I love about this hobby. The waiting!!! LOL
I too use the copper name tags on those " " hard to find/get figs.


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