Another Ronde Airlayer

dieselerAugust 21, 2010

Here is another Ronde airlayer, one was promised this one i hope to use when its ready to help offset some costs of things related to growing my dark type fig plants.


Ebay Id - Dieseler6z92

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nice pics! A week or two and it will be ready to cut. How long has it been in the bottle?

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This one is 22 days old. This plant seems to root faster than some others i have been doing, my Vdb which i did several took longer and still waiting on Kalamata plant which was started close to a week earlier than this one and shows me nothing yet.

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This one was cut the next day and put in 20oz cup.
Doing very well and will be gone in 7 days . ; )
Its a good fig growing season and im eating many figs now here near Chicago.Some newer type i have yet to taste im looking forward to as well.
Ebay id

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