some interesting plants

pnbrownFebruary 6, 2013

that I got from a place in ocala, called Eldon's tropicals. The owner is super nice and seems very knowledgable about unusual plants.

I'm most excited about some cold-hardy pineapple (down to 25deg!), decorative as well with red foliage. Some other very tough ornamentals: something called the banana plant with yellowish flowers, something called broken necklace which is apparently a native, a non-invasive wysteria, and some unusually-colored elephant ears, and Abyssinian banana.

All supposed to be care-free and drought-proof once established. We'll see!

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Your banana sounds like Chinese yellow banana, botanically named Musella lasiocarpa.

The Chinese Yellow banana is a desirable ornamental grown for its huge waxy, yellow flowers. The flowers develop on erect upright stems and can last up to 6 months.

The globe-like flowers resemble large golden lotus. The overall height of this hardy plant is 5' - 6'. It produces an abundance of typical banana leaves which evolve from a short stalk.

It presents a very tropical appearance and may also be grown indoors if you provide sufficient light and warmth. Its outdoor cultivation is the same as the Musa Basjoo banana.

If you would like to post pictures of your plants, we can most likely identify them for you - caring for a plant in the correct way is of utmost importance to being grown successfully!

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Sound like a place I need to visit. I would guess your yellow flowering plant is a Michelia figo or Banana Shrub. It has a very nice fragrance but is not terribly strong.


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I have ordered from them online, will have to check them out soon. I also just came across an interesting plant, ordered some plants and a bonus Hebe speciousa tricolor was included. Had never heard of it, but it originated in New Zealand, has beautiful foliage and gets magenta racememe like flowers. I have the Lotus Banana, but mine seems stuck in a perpetual state of stagnation. I hope yours behaves better.

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I got them all in today.

I'll take some photos to post tomorrow. The so-called banana of abyssinia thing has got sort of reddish-green leaves. I read the botanical name this morning and can't remember it now. She said don't let it get afternoon sun so I have it on an east wall. Supposedly it forms a large trunk that stores water.

If the pineapples make fruit ya'll will hear me whooping next year.

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