help !!

kathi_mdgdJuly 3, 2010

I was gonna comment on Annies slideshow pictures,but when i scrolled down to reply,my message box is already filled with a bunch of gobbledegook,that I did not put there,nor do i know what it is all about.Never seen this before,can someone tell me what this is and how it happened to get there.I copied and pasted a small portion of it,but it's long.

Here it is,what is it and why??? TIA

Well that didn't work,when i hit submit it says it's an "Illegal String alert,may be an HTML code or profanity,and is a security concern"


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Well, just keep all that cussin' out of your post and it will go right through.

Just kidding! I couldn't post to a thread earlier this afternoon, and now it works. Sometimes GW just farts along, but sometimes the gas builds up and things don't work like they should.

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I just sat here for 3 minutes with my finger on the delete key and it didn't move even a 1/4 of the way down the page.The words gardenweb are through out it,and it list different forums,like desert,bar b q,weddings,exercise,health etc,as well a cell padding and cell spacing,whatever that means.

Weird,i tell ya,Weird.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Most of the forums have been messed up today, and many posts are missing.

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It takes forever to post and I noticed that my post on the milkweed thread is there, but I don't see a form to post a follow-up.

The links that they add to our words are taking up a lot of time during the "submit" process and locking up there servers, IMH Technical O.

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