Anatomy of the Fig Tree --were's the fruit

jaemepAugust 12, 2012


I purchased a beautiful tree last year with fruit on it aug/sept here in PA. I am worried there is not fruit to come. Attached is a picture of one branches I would be so grateful if the experts could help me identify the highlighted parts in the Black Circle, Pink and Purple squares. Do any happen to be a budding fig or they just more leaves? The bud looking item in the purple square have been there for several weeks unchanged.

I have also read up on the pinching, but have been hesitant, which area do I pinch (my guess is the whole area in the black circle, but could more direction be given by the graphics).

The tree is in good sun and watered daily, fertilized in April with slow release product form Trees of Joy.

Thanks soo much for any advice


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


The lower rectangle is where a fig would occur but that and the one above look more like vegetative buds. I would say that shoot won't have any figs this year. It will only set if that shoot starts growing again, probably not what you want now.

And pinching won't help unless the shoot is actively growing. Yours is not actively growing as evidenced by the brown stem right up to the terminal bud. So pinching off that upper bud isn't going to cause fruit to set in those lower positions.

Pinch next year when the shoot is actively growing, ie green wood on the shoot.

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Thanks for the advice, It feels like I have been waiting for Christmas all summer, knowing that mine was a late bloomer I was still hopeful. For next year I will plan to avoid fertilizing and see how it goes. About the bud in the purple box, can that turn into a Breba next spring?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


A breba is certainly possible but that bud and the one below look to have "bud scales" if that's the proper term. I think that would indicate a vegetative bud. A breba fig could still arise in the same general area as those buds.

I did a little bud pinching last year. It may have helped some. This year everything was covered in figs with no pinching needed.

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I am not self-appointed expert but I am talking from experience and trials and errors. Forget figs this season. Pinching is very important but it has to be done in April or eary May. Without pinching I would not get any figs just leaves and branches Pinching in Late July and Early August help ripen the green figs. You are not going to get any Breba I live near you and unfortunately our season ends early October and we will run hide our fig trees from the freezing winter and snow until late March. Green house picture is drawn in my brain I want one.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


The Breba, if it forms, would mature next year. I'm not saying anything is possible this year, it's not. Just clarifying my opinion here. I'm not an expert on figs either.

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