'Organic' Picea pungens - Find

gardener365(5b Illinois USA)November 21, 2011

Decent tree, nothing to write home about, but worth grafting a few.

Needles are noticeably longer than most pungens (can't see this in the photos) and the color (pic 3 is accurate color) is a good 8.5 with 10 being very best. This tree has two leaders, currently. It's a decent tree with weep to it.


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Poor needle retention and lots of dead twigs in the lower crown - not sure it's worth grafting?


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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Major construction...... I grew up on that street and blocks away. About 3 summers ago the city forced the homeowners to give up their property/easement rights/I don't know- to construct 2 more lanes of traffic making it a 4-lane road. This tree is within feet of a large retaining wall that partitioned the construction and a new sidewalk in front of their homes... resulting in that tree taking a major hit. I've known about the tree for years- just got around to it today. It used to look better, much better.


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Interesting, give it a shot and see what happens. I like the weeping forms.

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