Potted Hostas

nutsaboutflowers(2b/3a)September 19, 2011

In the spring I ordered a "grab bag" of hostas and it turns out some are larger than I was thinking they'd be. I potted them up when I received them as I didn't have a spot prepared for them yet. Well, I still haven't gotten to it, and probably won't this year.

Should I be planting them anywhere I can find a spot and then moving them in the spring, or just sinking them in their terracota pots?

Is there going to be any difference either way?


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How big are they?

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Oops. I should have said I had no idea how big they'd get in their first year, so was reluctant to just plunk them in anywhere that wasn't ready for them. They're in 8 and 10 inch terracotta pots right now.

The largest is about 14 inches around and 6 inches high with 10 leaves. Either someone here or something I read said that the amount of leaves in the first year indicated how big it would get (?) The other two are only about 8 inches around or less with 6 leaves that are fairly smallish.

I was hoping to dig a few random holes and just plunk them in, pot and all, so I could dig them up in the spring without messing with the roots.

By then hopefully I'll be ready to prepare their new home.

Is that O.K.? I could plant them somewhere if it would make their chances for survival higher.


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