Immature Negronne Figs Shriveling Up

ajwalsh172August 25, 2010

Hi. I planted a Negronne fig early in the spring, and up till now, it was doing fine. Today, I noticed that some of the immature fruit on it were a little shriveled. I think it's due to the heat; the fig's planted on the SW side of the house, and the temp has gotten up to ~114 degrees in the shade there today (and may rise further still). Plus, I noticed that mainly the figs on the branch closest to the wall were affected and had 2 dried leaves (not yellow, but green turning brown). Anyway, I watered it well and put down more mulch. My question is, will those slightly shriveled figs eventually fall off? Or could they rebound? I didn't see any dropped fruit. Thanks in advance!

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Figs that shrivel yes will fall eventually unless they have ripened already.
Being near the wall yes the branches right there will get a little more jeat. In cold zones folks plant there fig trees facing South near a wall for added heat and protection against North winds in winter.

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