My First ripened figs this year

foolishpleasureAugust 6, 2012

Two English Brown Turkey with figs age ten and half weeks started the ripening process. Another English Brown Turkey and Celeste with figs age 12 and half weeks did not ripen yet. I expected them to ripen first. All trees are in the same environment and are spoiled the same way. This makes reach the conclusion that fig trees has mind of their own.

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Here another one. Still lots of small figs are on the trees. I tried to thing some but y wife told me you are violating the mother nature law. Whatever it does not ripen I will boil and put them in jars with syrup.

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FUNNY! My Celeste Started about 1 1/2 weeks ago(8/13) and my Brown Turkey is just starting to ripen(8/23).

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