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cdkachAugust 7, 2012

We have been attempting to grow a fig cutting from my mother-in-law's well established fig tree. It has been doing very well until this past month (July) when the leaves that have sprouted have begun to turn brown, are curled and limp; now they are yellow. They are shriveling on the little tender branches. What are we doing wrong. We spritz it with water just to keep it moist but not wet. I'm going to try to post a photo of what we're dealing with. I'm new to this forum, so please bear with me. I'm attaching a photo, or at least I'm going to attempt to attach a photo. Any suggestions or information received will be greatly appreciated. Oh, I forgot to mention that this fig tree was transplanted in Florida from New Jersey in 1972 and still thriving.

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how many plants of this tree do you want if you 1 or 2 send me 6 or more 10+ inch long cuttings while dormant and I'll send you back 1 or 2 plants mid spring 2013, I'll keep whatever else takes root for propagating your cuttings. If you want to go this route you'll have to wait until the plant drops its leaves. please email me at

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This eatablelandscaping guy is really good I bought couple of trees from him He ships the trees in pots with no disturbance to the roots, It is a little bet expensive but it worth it. I had no luck with what so called bare feet where the roots are chipped and disturbed. Even if you are lucky and the bare feet tree survives it takes a year for the root to recover. I really recoend Eatablelandscaping trees. The little LSU Purpule guy I bought developed one fig and it looks healthy. I have no luck with WILLIS nursery bought 10 trees and three survived and I did not know if it will survive until the second season. May be my luck I don't know.

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Foolishpleasure, I think you are referring to the Ediblelandscaping nursery which is in Virginia. The poster above is from South Carolina.


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