Thursday's blooms before they're burnt

Nancy zone 6June 21, 2012

Here are a few blooming today

Hush Little Baby, is there a better color than HLB?

Westbourne Easter Egg Hunt, too hot to hunt today!

Red Reward, I love the color on this, a better red than this photo shows, lovely rich red

Indy Rhapsody has much the same color as Red Reward, I like it better cause it has a bit more of a ruffle

Uncommon Valor is paler this year than it was last year

Lady Neva, I was too lazy to snap off the mushies for you

Condilla is covered with ants. I should have checked to see if it is fragrant, maybe that is why they are so attracted to it today.

Last flower on Alien Contact, sigh. It has bloomed really well this year, it is not budging from this spot :) I think I mentioned before, it apparently does NOT like being moved around, at least not for me.

Wilson Spider

Siloam Harold Flickinger, a huge flower & a late bloomer in my garden. I only have about 3 daylilies left that haven't bloomed yet.

A seedling I was thinking of getting rid of til I starting counting buds. The flowers aren't all that big, maybe 6" when they are spread out in the morning, but they curl back quickly & look pretty average. On a tall plant, over 4', must be pushing 5' tall. This is from New Dawn, much taller than its parent.

Another one I was thinking of getting rid of but it has pretty good bud counts. this is from Franz Hals, looks so much like its parent, but lots more buds & taller, at least this year.

I like the color on this seedling, sort of a watermelon color in person

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Well, you got them all as I don't see any burnt ones in the pictures LOL! I was trying to get my pictures today also before the poor things fried!

Honestly, I like all your seedlings but especially that last one. Fabulous color and the flower just looks pretty.

Poor Condilla covered in ants but still looking bright and pretty. Honestly, I think this daylily never looks bad.

Love that pink coloring on Hush Little Baby but my two favs are the reds. Red Reward and Indy Rhapsody both look excellent to me. But then I do love red, ha-ha.

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Really pretty today. I like Indy Rhapsody, and your last seedling is a beaut.

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Westbourne Easter Egg Hunt and Hush Little Baby are so sweet. They don't look one bit bothered by all the heat.
It's sweltering here too and I've been inside most of the day. I don't envy my poor roses out there. Hopefully this mini heatwave won't melt all the pretty blooms but I really need to get out there and water everything.


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shive(6b TN)

That bicolor seedling has fabulous branching and bud count, and I think it's quite attractive. I'd use that as a bridge plant with some larger spiders or unusual forms to try to breed some more distinctive bicolors.

Your Hush Little Baby is so pretty, but so much lighter in color than mine. Do you think it's lighter because of the extreme heat, or is yours always a lighter pink?


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Nancy zone 6

Condilla always does look good, doesn't it Rita. It starts out double & is consistent, every bloom is picture perfect. Great little double daylily, & I'm not big on doubles :)
Thanks Kay. The first blooms on that seedling were ok, but the last few have been much nicer. I really like the color of it.
I need to get out & water too, Celeste. they are saying we have a remote chance of rain tonight though, so I'm going to wait. I really should water though, that would up my chances of rain, I'm sure.
I think you are right Debra, it might be a great bridge plant. I can't think what I could have pollinated New Dawn with to have gotten this height, about all I had then I can think of was Firestorm or Autumn Minaret. And neither of those have this kind of bud count. There are 4 scapes, one has 29, 2 have 37, & one has 39. Hush Little Baby is lighter today than it was yesterday, must be the heat. Part of it though is my new camera. It isn't an expensive one but I would think a Nikon would get better pictures than an older Kodak, but it doesn't. I keep meaning to get my old camera out & charge it up. It had been having problems, but nothing I couldn't work with for this. Of course, it could be operatoritis too.

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It is so annoying when the camera doesn't behave! My lens was "cutting up" today. I had aa hard time getting it to behave and focus when I was taking pics of a Dragonfly.


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Hush Little Baby and Westbourne Easter Egg Hunt are both stunning and my pick for favorites.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Condilla is one of the oldest daylilies I have in my garden. Meaning I have had it long before I got the daylily crazies. It is always a great performer and it always looks great.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I love HUSH LITTLE BABY. its so pretty,and also W. EASTER EGG HUNT.. my favorite of these are them 2 reds, RED REWARD,and INDY RHAPSODY. they are gorgeous, and I really like your last picture, too, your seedling. very pretty.


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Cindy zone 6a

You are right about HLB, what a great pink color.
Your blooms look great. so many nice seedlings too!I think WestBourne Easter Egg Hunt is my favorite!

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Nancy zone 6

Thanks everyone! I really like that Westbourne too, but right now it is rather a wispy little plant. I hope it bulks up a bit by next year. The flowers made it too heavy for the stem, so I had to prop it up. Just got it last spring though, so it is still just a baby really.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

It is funny but in the picture it looks like Westbourne Easter Egg Hunt is a big flower. Funny that it is on a wimpy plant. Well, there is always next year lol!

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