Squirrelinator -live trapping

svanessa(9/SoCal)August 24, 2009

I bought the Squirrelinator trap, a multi-catch trap, and have been catching several squirrels a day, even a couple rats. Works great using parrot feed as bait. Check your local feed/pet store for them. If they don't carry them, ask them to order. The site I posted is wholesale only as there's a min buy of 6. They sell for $50-60 retail.

It got to be too expensive to keep poisoning them with the county's poisons. Neighbor's squirrels just move in. This way they move in but are immediately 'relocated'.



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Thanks for posting this, Sue.
I acquired a Havahart live trap and the first thing caught was the intended nuisance, squirrel. I thought it worked great. The next one trapped was a skunk!
I have not set it up since then because untrapping the skunk becomes an issue unless one drowns it.
I hope it is just a temporary pause or the squirrels may make me do it again since my egg-plants were cleaned yesterday by either squirrels or raccoons.

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Ottawan - where did you get your trap from & how much. Any pic ?. I used to have squirrels & they were biting on my persimmons last year. However since my neighbour told me( mid 2009) they were nesting at her place & she wanted to do something about it, I have not seen the 2 fellas running along the top of my cedar fence in the backyard. I have another neighbour who cited her mum down the street from my place had trapped more than 60 squirrels. Thus, if the price is favourable I don't mind buying a trap just in case they show up for my persimmons in Nov.

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The haveaheart is good but takes too long, catching only one squirrel at a time. For the cost, it is not efficient if one has a lot of varmints. The cost difference is only about $20 US. Unfortunately, skunks may also be trapped in these as well. Since skunks are nocturnal, don't leave it out overnight or else close the doors to the 2 entrances before nightfall and that 'threat' is minimized. :-)

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I caught a skunk a couple of years ago in my raccoon size trap - I got 8 raccoons one year. You need to approach the trap from the side, and behind a sheet or a tarp. If the skunk cannot see you clearly, or what is there, it will not shoot, and the sheet is not a target. I draped the sheet over the trap so that I could access the sheet metal door end without being seen and locked the spring loaded latch, so that it would open when I chose. After that I rolled the trap onto its top (still covered) with a long rake, so that the door 'dropped' open. Skunk and I went our separate ways without tragedy. I also have a deep fishpond for dealing with more verminous or persistent pests. Skunks eat out wasp nests on the ground and do not appear to mind being stung - if they get stung - so I tend not to mind them too much.

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