Lots of berries this year

beegood_gwSeptember 25, 2011

Have 5 of them in my yard. One planted by me and the others self seeded. Nice red color as most leaves are yellow around here.

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Is it a highbush cranberry? Beautiful fall colour! Wow! That is one the few good wild berry crops I've seen around here - the saskatoons and blueberries failed completely this year.

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Five of those in one yard. How beautiful =:)

I'm still waiting for my Amur Maples to turn red. They're starting to think about turning color but everything else is still green in my yard.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

There's not much turning red in my yard - things are mostly just starting - but this little maple down by the creek looks so nice now, esp. with the sun shining through. :)

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rosecavalier(3 AB)

It's been a great berry harvest

...but I think I'll go walk the dog!

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I just finished walking the dog so now I wud love a piece of your pie. Looks way too yummy . I'll supply the coffee. Maybe even Starbucks Pumpkin spice. How does that sound. Are those the real cranberries?

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

I have several of these high bush cranberries too, sadly, too awful taste they have...like a moldy sock, LOL.
Birds are reluctant to eat these...only as a last resort I think, have never seen them take these.

Honey berries got large this year with the good moisture we had.

Pin Cherries was good too, but only on the south side of the bush, sheltered from hail.

Black Currant

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I used to make syrup and jelly out of them and quite liked it. I don't know if I can compare them to moldy socks but will take your word for it. In the winter when they are frozen they actually are a nice treat when X/C skiing.

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I've never been much for highbush cranberries either, but I understand that they become sweeter and much more appealing after a couple of hard frosts.

Konrad's fruit crops never cease to amaze...

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rosecavalier(3 AB)

Beegood - these are indeed the "real" cranberry...totally different from the high bush forms...from nature's garden... and you have to get down on your knees to pick them. Years ago, the northern Alberta pioneers called the pie "Mock Cherry Pie" and it has become our family's favorite surpassing wild blueberry. It is the epitomy of "slow food" but the memory of the exquisite flavor...yes, even better with coffee...serves to stimulate one to collect them each fall.

Konrad - your photos are fabulous - and I chuckled when you described the smell of the high bush cranberry as "mouldy socks" - we always referred to the jelly as "dirty sock jam"! - but I still like it in small amounts.

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