Reputable Online Nurseries for Fig Trees

figaholic(Z6; Bucks County PA)August 22, 2008

Hello to all!

I'm new to posting here, but have lurked for awhile trying to learn as much as I can. I live in beautiful Bucks County Pennsylvania (zone 6) and have decided to try my hand at growing fig trees in containers. I love to eat them but have never grown them.

I have gone to a few local nurseries looking for stock but no one seems to have any so I thought I'd look online. So far, I have ordered from:

Willis Orchards

Edible Landscaping

Bay Flora

Joe Morle (

and (gulp, no rock-throwing please) TyTy Nurseries

While I have not received anything yet (only placed the orders within the last week) I'm wondering if any of you could recommend any other places? Also, if there is anyone in my area (near New Hope, PA) who could recommend a nearby nursery I would love to take a road trip. I know Lowes carries them but they were all out when I went there.

One more thing...I am assuming my trees will be delivered bare root; is there a commercial mix I could use to pot them? Or is it best to make my own.

Thanks so much in advance for your help. I am really looking forward to learning a lot from all of you, and taking you with me on my fig-growing journey.

Best to all,

Carol Ann

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figaholic(Z6; Bucks County PA)

These are great Martin, thanks! I like that they each have a nice selection. I notice that Zone 6 isn't mentioned all that much. Because these will be in containers, does it even matter?


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mrhappy(z8 - Austin, TX)


Dieseler is right on. I have ordered from Joe Morle and I was impressed with both the packaging and quality of the plants. If you growin containers and bring the plants indoors in the winter all you need to worry about is how long it takes figs to ripen. If the figs you buy are Breba only or Breba preferred you will have a better chance of ripening figs since the figs grow on last years wood.


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Encanto Farms nursery has the widest selection of varieties that are true to name.

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The gold standard is Encanto Farms, followed by Rain Tree, Edible Landscaping, Petals from the Past, and Mr James Robin.

As for your purchases from TyTy you get what you pay for but I sincerely hope they work out.

You can search this forum or do an internet search for the contact information for the aforementioned nursery's.

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Encanto Farms for knowledge, service, varieties & PERSONAL involvement.

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Paradise Nursery was right up there to bad there retired or no longer selling the fig tree's but they came to mind when i read the posting, as for Encanto Farme one cannot ask for a much better sight than his. Have to catch him at the right time to get that special tree or bada boom there gone.I wanted a black madeira , exoctic fruits had some but i thought the total price was too much and a week later i counted my retirement change and said what the heck called them and bada bing those were gone as well. Guess word travels fast.
Oh ladies too.

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figaholic(Z6; Bucks County PA)

Thanks to all of you who replied. I've now got a nice little fig collection on order from a few places mentioned. I will update you all when they arrive so you can walk me through what I'll need to do next!



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Carol Ann:

Here's another place that you can try, although they do not list figs: "HIGHLAND HILL FARMS" located in Doylestown, PA. Just google this name for the address, and, check out their web-site for landscaping, trees, shrubs, etc. Call, they might have figs, too.

Now, back to the figs. Go down to Lowe's, and buy a very large, deep, 30-40 gallon, rectangular, plastic storage-tub, and a cheap, 4-wheel dolly. "Rubber-maid" usually makes them for storing clothes, blankets, etc, but, they can be pricey! Get the cheapest tubs you can find. Make sure you buy the dolly too. If you're handy, use a 1 inch hole cutting saw and make plenty of drainage holes in the bottom of the tub. You should plan on drilling at least 10 holes. Do whatever it takes, but get plenty of holes in the bottom of that container for proper drainage! Waterlogged roots makes dead trees!!!!! Fill this tub with a quick-draining soil mixture, and, plant your fig tree into the tub. One tree, one tub. Make sure you place the tub on the dolly BEFORE you fill it with soil because it will be heavy! Now, you have a containerized fig tree that can be moved anywhere you want, but best of all, in the winter months, your tree(s) can be rolled into an unheated garage, or, storage shed, for the dormancy period. Please read all the postings re: wintering-over containerized figs, etc. You'll get plenty of information posted on this forum, by some very experienced growers. Also, this forum has the latest, and best growing information. NO book even comes close to this forum for correct methods for growing figs. Search no further, this is where it's at!

Figs grown in containers are easy. Just remember to water, and feed your trees. Watering cannot be neglected. Watering CANNOT be neglected! WATERING CANNOT BE NEGLECTED!Learn how to store them for the winter months, and you too can grow figs. As you become more experienced, check this forum for potting-up, root pruning and repotting directions/advice, and your figs can live and thrive for many years in the same container. For very little effort, you'll be chowing-down on some delicious fruit PDQ! NO other fruit tree can give you more bang-for-the-buck. Oh yeah, make sure you select a short-season variety fig, or you may not be able to ripen fruit in our short growing season. This is very important. I have been growing, in containers, a variety called "ATREANO", and I have been picking ripe figs for the last two weeks, and still have plenty of figs yet to ripen. Good sweet fruit, too, and, easy to grow.

Good luck and happy growing. You should have no problems, so, go for it! Keep us posted.

Frank DV

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figaholic(Z6; Bucks County PA)

Thanks for such GREAT information Frank! I will definitely check that nursery out; I'm surprised I've never heard of them before. I live in Doylestown and thought I knew where all the good nurseries are, but it looks like one slipped past me.

And what a CLEVER way to make a good container! I had been wondering what I was going to do...I actually thought about buying a bunch of round ones already made, but your idea is PERFECT. Love the dolly idea too, really makes good sense.

Do you think I should make my own potting medium? Or is there a commercial brand good enough? If I make my own, I don't even know where to start...

Thanks again and Best to all,


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Carol Ann:

Thanks for the cudos! Glad that you found some valuable information within my posting.

The rectangular storage containers are much easier to store when empty, and, they utilize growing space more efficiently, because you can place a flat-sided container right up against the flat side of another container, ... sort of like parking cars, ... and you don't have to deal with round edges that waste space.

There are many potting mediums that you can use, but mixing your own is probably the best way to go. Check-out all the postings re: potting mediums for containerized figs. You'll get all the information that you require, and then some! Whatever you choose, make sure the mix will drain well, or, you'll rot the roots. If you go the commercial mix route, I'd probably add pine bark to the mix to open it up to allow for better aeration and drainage.

The dolly is a must! These containers will give you a hernia if you try to push them around. Besides, You can roll your fig-tree(s) around to follow the sun, if, you need to do this.

Enjoy your fig tree(s).

Warm wishes, Frank DV

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figaholic(Z6; Bucks County PA)

Thanks again Frank. I did look through several old postings -- a poster named "tapla" seems to be the resident Fig Guru around here when it comes to soil, irrigation and the like. He's a fig brainiac - I'm not worthy! I must admit some of his information made my head spin, I'll have to reread it several times before I really understand it. But I plan on spending the holiday weekend at the beach relaxing so I'll make sure I have the postings printed off so I can read it then.

Also, I just heard from one of the fig nurseries, Joe up in MA, and the 3 fig trees I ordered are ready to be shipped out, probably next Monday so I will get back to you all when they arrive. Apparently, they even have some figs already on them! I can't believe how excited I am over all this.

Be well,

Carol Ann

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I didn't see where Rolling River Nursery was mentioned. They have good, healthy fig trees. I can highly recommend them.

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If you ordered from TyTy here is what you should expect from them:

They will just go out and select fig trees of the size you ordered (at random), put a tag on the tree with the name you ordered, and ship you the tree. Before I knew better I ordered 7 or 8 fig trees from them. NOT A SINGLE TREE was what it was supposed to be (including a tree that was a replacement for the first mislabeled tree I got from them). In other words, they sent me the wrong variety to replace a tree that was the wrong variety. Of course, in most cases you don't know this has happened for a year or two. Some of these were large trees I paid $50 or $60 apiece for. If it's not too late you should absolutely cancel your order with them.

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figaholic(Z6; Bucks County PA)

Yeah, I really didn't have a good feeling when I ordered from TyTy...all that funky advertising seemed almost laughable. I ordered 2 Tennessee Mountain fig trees, as well as 2 pear trees. Does anyone know if their other fruit trees will come as ordered?

Maybe I should just cancel the whole order...


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It's your call. The "Tennessee Mountain" fig trees will most likely be Celeste. I think they mostly just send out Celeste anyway and just label them whatever name you order.

I have no experience with their other fruit, but why would they be criminal with figs and honest with other fruits? :)

They are lowlife crooks...period.

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figaholic(Z6; Bucks County PA)


You crack me up -- can you hear me laughing?? :)

But you're totally right.

I'm going to cancel the order.



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We live in Berks County, PA, near Reading and have had an outdoor fig tree for nearly 8 years now. We got it - pretty much as a dried stick - from Miller Nurseries catalog, and it has been a great producer as well as a beautiful shrub in our garden. We wrapped it against winter for the first 2 years, but have done nothing but cut it back and put about 4" of black mulch around it. Getting delicious figs since August 20 this year, have been getting very high quality fruit since about 4th year.
Can now pick 50-60 fruit/day, probably will increase over the next weeks, ending with hard frost in October.
We are baking, freezing and trying to dry figs right now, we have more than we can eat fresh.
This is my favorite plant in the garden, and it is absolutely no trouble at all, despite all the complicated things we heard about growing fig trees this far north.



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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

oldmark... (interesting name, btw)

you're going to have people wanting cuttings with talk like that.

What are the figs like? Are they dark or light colored? how big does it get each year? have you ever tried to identify it?


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figaholic(Z6; Bucks County PA)


OMG, are you for real?? That reminds me of my brother -- he lives in Tinton Falls NJ and when he and his wife moved into their house almost 10 years ago, they had a fig tree in their backyard. The thing was GIGANTIC. And they never did a thing to it, it kept on producing figs, just like yours.

When they went to add an addition to the house, they had to get rid of it as it was right underneath their new deck. They ended up cutting it down but get this -- the doggone thing started growing RIGHT UP THROUGH THE NEW DECK. Absolutely NOTHING they did could kill it. I forget how long it took them, but it eventually didn't come back. Makes me sick to think of it, it was almost criminal. Never did get a clipping either.

Enjoy your figs.


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I just picked a few dead ripe figs this morning to bake in a pie. The fig tree we got from Millers is a great plant, and seems to have no problems in the PA winters. dug a good hole for it, threw in some humus and water, planted the cutting, and it went crazy. We did wrap it in straw and plastic sheet over the first 2 winters, but not at all since. We water it occasionally, maybe once a week, and have recently pue a thick layer of black mulch on it.
Supposedly we have the wrong type of soil for this plant, but I guess the fig doesn't know that, and the azeleas don't either - we just planted 4 a few weeks ago ane they are about double in size now.
We also planted 2 blueberry cuttings from Millers, and they are doing great.
The only problem we have had in nearly 9 years of ordering stuff from Millers was a dwarf nectarine that was not a dwarf - it nearly took over the yard - and the neighbor's - and we cut it down.
Everything we bought from them grew as promised.


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My wife says she ordered some flower bulbs and flowering plants from Millers that were not good, but that all the shrubs and trees we got from them were fine.


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Chills: The figs are purplish color with yellow streaks, and when fully (squishy) ripe, nearly brown with a blue/purple tone. Inside is a ruby red. They are very sweet and smell like spices when cooked. They ripen here in late August (20th this year) and continue till hard frost/changing light in October. They will continue to ripen after they are picked, and will start to shrivel after a day or two at room temp. We bought this about 8 years ago, and I don't remember the name we were told.
It is the only fig we have, and it is growing next to a barberry, planted about the same time and both are gigantic.
I took pics the other day, but the close ones did not turn out well - I would try to enhance them, but I don't want to change the colors.

Will try pics again later this week.

Any help, ID is appreciated. Thanks.

mark (oldmark = my first name and I just turned 61.)

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It has to be brown turkey or celeste as these are the only figs they have ever carried.

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ajpa(z6 se PA)

Mark, how big is your fig tree now?
I'm in Chester county -- wondering how big it can get around here.

(I am trying to root a couple of cuttings from someone in Bethlehem -- wondering where I should plant it if it lives.)

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Does anybody know any reputable nursery that sells figs here in Canada? I am in Ottawa, thinking about growing figs.

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)
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Try link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Adriano Figs

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ajpa(z6 se PA)

Carol Ann, have you seen this website?
It's a hobbyist who is growing figs & bananas & guavas in Bethlehem.
I just got two fig cuttings from him.

Here is a link that might be useful: Trees of Joy

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Thank you very much, guys!

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Primex Garden Center in Glenside, Pa. Just put out their fig trees yesterday. They are very large trees with good branching. The 5 gallons ones. Brown Turkey and Negronne. They are not cheap at $50. But you will get a load of figs this season.

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I know a bit about Edible Landscape. Even got to spend a little time there. He is a good reputable nursery that really is into what he's doing. He also has a sale going right now and he ships all year around.
If you want to go cheap though, ask for cuttings on the forum and root your own.

Here is a link that might be useful: Edible landscape

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I am in chester county as well, and have a Celeste in my backyard for about 4 years.It is only 6 feet tall, I have covered it every year but still get much die back.I am hoping it will grow to a huge tree, we will have to see.Is it better to have it somewhat sheltered or right out in the open.?


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HI Martin

May i know whether the above nursery can deliver the fig tree to my country : INDONESIA in South East ASIA.

Thanks and regards

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

Here's the current requirments to import plants in Indonesia.

Here is a link that might be useful: plant import indonesia

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I ordered a Tiger Fig from Bay Flora last year and it is a fantastic specimen. They really do sell quality.

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When I saw Ty-Ty on your list, I just had to chime in. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GROWING, never! ever! for any reason! order anything from this outfit, not only do they have one of the highest min orders; charge a hefty price but tend to forget to send roots with your order! Yes I am guilty of buying from them once! I learned my lesson the hard way.

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I suggest everyone check Dave's Garden Watchdog to see the reputation of the retailers they are purchasing from before they buy. Keep in mind. If a retailer who has been around for years is not on the list there is usually a reason why. There have been several retailers who have asked or sued to be removed from the list over the years because of their negative feedback.

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I live in Bucks County Pa. I probably have close to 15 fig trees. I would not advise anyone to buy a fig tree online cause most likely there coming from California or Florida. The plant won't have the best chance to survive cause its whole life has been in a warm location. Even though you'll wrap really well and put it in a protected area. There is a possibility the tree may survive but it probably won't produce good fruit. There is nothing like a big juicy fig picked right off the tree.

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All South-NYS residents, those who live in New Jersey, and Eastern-Pennsylvania....

You probably can't find a better fig grower than "Bill's Figs", in Flemington, New Jersey. He has 250 varieties, BUT...he does not ship. PHONE: 908-806-4887. Check him out on YOU-TUBE. Very helpful, very friendly, very knowledgeable.


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lee_in_iowa(4 to 5 (on the line))

I ordered several fig trees two years ago from that great Figs4Fun guy John, from Edible Landscaping, and from Petals from the Past. All were good, but I lost a lot of the Edible Landscaping ones in the first summer; they seemed a bit less well-rooted than the others. John's Encanto Farms figs were great but I lost two of the smaller ones of those as well. The unkillable ones, for me, were from Edible Landscaping. BEST-ever plants ordered from online--well-branched, small and stocky, super well-rooted.

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In your post first you say you lost a lot of the figs you bought at EL then later say the figs from EL were unkillable. I like EL and have bought great plants from them in the past.

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Rabbit Ridge Nursery,
Coates,North Carolina

Ask for Fred. Good selection, shipping, personal, and friendly attention. great prices.


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santo379(9, SE TX)

I ordered a Lemon Fig variety from this nursery. The fig tree was nice and tall, about 4 ft. with good roots. I planted it in January and it is now growing leaves.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marthas Secrets

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What can I do to my fig tree to get more branches on the bottom?

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