Does Anyone Grow Garlic?

nutsaboutflowers(2b/3a)September 22, 2011

We use a fair amount of garlic, and I'm wondering if it grows well?

Does any kind of underground creature get at it? Yes or No would be a fine answer. I really don't want to picture whatever it is or I may stop eating garlic, LOL!

Is it worth growing or is it just as easy to buy it at the store?


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Plant it now.

Nothing touches it, at least when I grow it.

It's worth growing. It's cheap to buy the bulbs, you get a zillion from one because each clove makes a new bulb. You can get really pungent varieties too, which I like.

Virtually all garlic in stores is from China, believe it or not.

Garlic is a zone 0 plant. It grows whenever the ground isn't frozen.

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north53 Z1b MB(zone 1b Canada)

I grow garlic and it's great. I make sure to get the cloves planted by thanksgiving. I plant the hard necked garlic variety. I don't understand why the stores all sell the stuff from China. This is a crop that grows great here. I've never had any pest at all and it doesn't take up much space either.

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I grew it for the first time last year. We got a good crop from what we planted. We bought the stock from Richter's Herbs. They carry a nice variety. Years ago I watched a show about garlic and the guy said the only pest he ever had was groundhogs. He now puts chicken wire on the bottom of his raised beds. Marg

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Well that settles it then.

I just called Botanus and they've added Music Hardneck and Legacy Rocambole Hardneck to my order =:)

I was going to call SaltSpring Island Seeds, as I understand they have good garlic, but I've never ordered from them before, so I just added to my Botanus order.

Thanks fellow Gardenwebers =:D

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