Roses are deadheaded and daylilies are blooming!

mary_lu_gwJuly 11, 2011

This past weekend was a very busy one for us. We traveled 4 hours (one way) for a nephew's wedding and then back home again. What with working full time, and either having company or gone ourselves for the past 6 weekends, I have really fallen behind in the gardens.

However, on Sunday after we slept in until 10 AM (didn't get home until 3 AM) both DH and I worked in the gardens for the rest of the day. DH insisted that I show him how to deadhead roses and he helped me, so that by the end of the day all were done! Fantastic! He did a great job too! He is not a gardener, more of a planner/builder of things, but he knew how much it bothered me that I had fallen so far behind. What a sweetie!

The daylilies started to bloom last week and there are many scapes with loads of blooms still to come. Even with the horrible weather we have had this year, the DLs look like they will have a great year.

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Oh, thanks, Mary Lu, everything lush and blooming while down south we're burnt to a crisp, nothing blooming, add into that a huge water bill. No, just kidding! This is gorgeous, and I sure needed to see something like this to give hope - when Fall comes in Texas we come alive again and everything will start blooming again.

Thanks for the great pictures!

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I have heard how bad the drought is in Texas. Hopefully you will have some relief soon! We have been quite dry, but nothing like where you are. I can attest to a high water bill though. :-) Seems like I have been watering every day for the past month. But at least we do not have watering rationing or bans. It's just that our soil is sand based and the water moves through so quickly. It sure has been a bad year weather-wise throughout the country. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

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Always enjoy your gardens. Your shoveled edging looks so good, I tried that for several years but just could not keep up with it. So now I still do the edging but not as deep.

You choose the best colors and textures.

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

As usual just lovely. Do you have other plants in the daylily bed that bloom after the DLs? What does it look like once they are through blooming?
I would like to have mine all in one place, but don't want just green after they bloom.


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ML....your garden takes my breath ! How gorgeous. We had drought all the time I was gone but now it is raining every day. I am so glad. I too taught my DH to dead head....amazing what these wonderful guys will do for us :)

How is your whole brick patio area looking ? I love to see the roses in there,,,,c

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Marylu, your daylily bed is gorgeous, I've been toying with the idea of moving all mine into one bigger bed, just might do it this fall. As always your garden just blows me away.


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schoolhouse, for the first few years my edging didn't look the greatest either. I think the trick is to get the "lawn" grass to grow down the edge. Then the following years to just dig at that edge leaving the lawn grass grow. Makes a little more work to trim, but I do like the look.

Kathy, I do have other plants in the bed, just hard to see at this time as the DLs take over about now. Earlier I had peonies an iris. There are also daisies now too. I do have primroses planted in several places as well. There are 3 knockout roses in the bed planted in raised stone planters as well as 2 other roses, one on each end. Then there are the urns by the stone walkway as well as the pot on the column. Oh yes, there is a bush clematis too. Usually I have DLs blooming well into late August and some years into Sept. So pretty much the entire summer there is color. This pic was taken on June 5th of the DL bed when the peonies and iris were blooming.

Carolyn, the roses in the garden room are somewhat between flushes right now as I was so late deadheading. Some are blooming though, as well as some DLs and balloon flowers and 2 Endless Summer hydrandea are loaded with blooms. Will have to take some current pics of that area. This pic was taken on June 19th

Annette, I find that the large bed really makes an impact. And as I said above, I have other plants in there too, so there is color almost all summer. It is the easiest part of my garden to maintain! Love it plus DLs don't "bite" like roses do! LOL

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

LOL, I'm still having trouble convincing DH that roses are planted for other than keeping lions out of african villages :). Me thinks he's weakening tho, he loves the climber 'America' I have growing on the fence near our kitchen, calls it his rose :).


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Everything is just so beautiful. I just love those daylilies. Mine are in full bloom also.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

It is gorgeous. As usual. I can't imagine your "getting behind" can ever look as bad as some of my garden does in the middle of's always so gorgeous!

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Thanks for sharing your fabulous garden views!

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Annette, DH good naturedly grumbles about the cuts/scratches from the roses and says HIS DLs never do that, but he has been a big help this year. You'll convince your DH yet!

newyorkrita, thank you. I have seen some of your pictures and your gardens are lovely. You have many more than I do, will all of the tiers. Our lots are flat so there is only so much I can or want to do.

GGG, your gardens are lovely. I have been hoping for a picture of your fence. Maybe I missed it? Have you finally gotten the yard so that the water drains the way it should? I know it has been quite a trial getting there for you!

corrine1, thank you as well. We have retired the tiller. We are done! Well, as done as a garden ever gets. hehehe...

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Mary Lu, you already know how much I love your garden. You must enjoy coming home from work every day to such incredible beauty.

You are one lucky girl with a DH that is a planner/builder (I really wish I could borrow him for a month...perhaps during fall foliage time?!? LOL) and now he can prune roses too!! Major score!!

After I saw your daylily bed and you answered my questions last year, I finally divided a lot of my daylilies last year and lined my split-rail fence with them. I threw in a handful of other annuals and perennials for now but plan to add more daylilies. DH just put in a path in the area near the fence and in doing so dug up a bunch of grass and gave me more room to open the daylily bed up a bit. I can only hope my DL border will look half as good as yours.

Now if only I could build that "porch" of yours.......

Always an inspiration!!!

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Would you mind showing some shots from the street towards your house, a wider angle? I am struggling with how to do some beds out front so I would love to see how you do it...I love the style of yours.

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Cher(6 SW OH)

Your gardens are beautiful. The Daylilies are lovely but so is all the rest.

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bev2009(6 IN)

Your gardens are gorgeous! Love the edging and all the color.

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Susan, thank you. I am sure your new DL bed will look wonderful. Our bed was planted in 2005, so it really needs dividing, but am holding off as we may move in the next couple of years. If we do I would like to take some of the plants with me. As it is, if I divided now I would have to give them away as I have no more room!

cardwellave, we have most of our beds away from the house. Partly so that we do not trap moisture near the brick and also the front of our home is heavily shaded. Other areas just work out better.

chohio, thank you. It has taken us 10 years to get to this point. And now when we are "about" done, we are considering moving! :-( Not immediately, but in about 2-3 years. Never hurts to plan...

bev2009, really can't take too much credit for the daylily bed colors. DH picked all the DLs for that bed and placed them. All I did was plant them! Also DH helps with renewing the edging in spring.

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I grabbed the camera and took a couple pics tonight. This DL is one of my favorites. The bloom is not overly large, but as you can see, it puts out a LOT of blooms! I love doubles and unusual form DLs and have quite a few of them.

If I remember correctly this one is named Vienna

clump shot

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Your garden is so beautiful. Thank you so much for your sharing the view.

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Your gardens is just gorgeous. I really enjoyed looking at your loevely pictures.

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as always Mary Lu - your gardens are stunning - thank you so much for the eye candy for this gardener in fried and dry NC .....


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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

Oh my, ditto for complimenting you on your beautiful flower beds. I know I have read where one should chose flowers that bloom in succession of each other so you have flowers blooming all the time. There's got to be a secret to that. Want to share how you planned yours? What do you do when the peonies finish blooming? I only have one peony and it was here when we moved here 6 1/2 yrs. ago..and I hate it. I want a deep burgundy color and my favorite Sarah Bernhardt. Would you know the varieties we are seeing in the pictures?

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manman and Kay, thank you. It is always fun sharing the beauty with others. Especially as none of my friends are into gardening and really have no idea of what it is all about.

Lynne, here's hoping you get some rain. We have been extrememly dry also and the next week we are under excessive heat warnings. Temps into the upper 90's expected with heat indexs up to 110-115. We get those kind of days in summer, but it has been 10 years since we have had extended days with these types of temps.

Thankfully we did see some rain last night and again this morning. So far my rain gauge says .62 inch of rain. Very thankful as it will help the plants as many were starting to show heat stress already. Not sure what the coming week will do to those already stressed.

pippi21, No real planning except that when we put in the DL bed, I had some peonies that needed moving, so stuck them in there. Then just added in some other perennials that I had extras of. After the peonies are done blooming I just cut back the stems with spent blooms. The bushes themselves look good way into fall. Sorry I can't tell you the names of the ones I have, as they were divisions from my sister who in turn got them from my mom.

Between showers this morning I got out and took a few more pictures. Gosh, me take pictures? Who would have thought? Sorry if I am boring anyone, but another hobby of mine is photography.....hehehehe

Another of my favorite doubles

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Your garden is always so lovely. I just have to mention how much I love your column with the pot. That is just so cool. How do you have the column anchored and how do you keep the pot on top? Just in case I'm ever lucky enough to find such a treasure. Just curious also if your DH helps with the DL deadheading. I see yours are nicely deadheaded.


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Michelle, DH attached a 4x4 post about 3 feet long to a plank/board then lag screwed it to the column on the bottom. We dug a hole, inset the post and filled around with gravel. As far as the pot on top, it is one of those light weight plastic/foam type of pots and DH screwed it through the bottom to the top of the column. He also drilled holes about one inch from the bottom of the pot for excess water to drain out. We have had it in almost 6 years and seems to be holding up well.

Sometimes DH does help with the deadheading of DLs too, but usually it is me. Yesteray I filled almost a 5 gallon pail with spents blooms from that DL bed.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Mary Lu, I keep coming back to this thread in hopes you have posted more pictures and you didn't disappoint! I LOVE that shot of the daylily border above. I couldn't quite figure out where your "porch" was in relation to the other gardens and now I know. That angle with all the daylilies in bloom is just brillant. Stellar border. Please keep the photos coming!

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Mary Lu,

Your garden is so beautiful. I especially like the daylily bed. What are the names of the daylilies?

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