picking figs75% ripe

janoyanAugust 13, 2012

Thanks budbackeast for your comments . One for the home team.


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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Hi Janoyan,

What is your post in reference to?



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Hi Noss:

The post is in reference to figs harvested,away from hungry birds, when only 75% ripe. Leaving it out in a warm place but for a very short time, perhaps 2 days, making sure they do not start to rot, if kept out too long.

My next step is to cut them in 4 sections, in a tray, on their backs and freeze them. In a few hours they are rock hard and ready for the ZipLock bags. After removing as much of the air out of the bags as possible.

Good Luck.


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hey viv, janoyan may be on to something. if you are gonna make fig preserves why not not use figs that are 75% ripe? you are going to cook them down in sugar and they will probably hold together better than ripe ones.

when you buy figs from a fig grower already picked, most of the figs aren't completly ripe. for making preserves and jam that doesn't seem like a bad idea but for eating, i like them ripe to the bone.


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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Hi Fernando,

I've heard that, if you are going to make preserves, you should pick them when almost ripe instead of ripe. That keeps them from disintegrating during cooking.

I'm all for using bird netting because I like to eat figs fresh and nice and ripe.

I use small pieces of netting and clothespin them around ripening figs. Spot-netting-and it works well for me on the potted figs and for the inground figs, too. I put the netting around as wide an area as possible so the birds can't get to the figs through the netting.

Now, I'm going to be looking at the fabric stores to see if I can find some netting material that is so fine, not even Drosiphila Melanogaster can get through it.

I've got netting like that on two of the Dr. Maher improved Celestes right now. The one I ate last night had a solid drop of honey blocking the eye. It was delicious and different from my other ics. They're just babies right now, so time will tell if they're a different type of improved Celeste.

Viv a.k.a. noss

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