Great Landscape Trees of Central Florida

yardvaarkFebruary 15, 2012

I am interested in finding out what people think are really great landscape trees that can be used in central Florida. by "landscape," I'm not looking for trees that are thought to be touchy or difficult, but can be successfully grown by most anyone. As well, they should offer good looks most of the time and a feature of some sort, some of the time. As I drive through subdivisions, it seems that there is an endless supply of Live Oak... like that's all anyone knows. What other trees excite people? Could be flowering or shade. Please say a little of what's good about the tree and also, what problems it might have. Thanks in advance for your input. I heard from one source that 'October Glory' red maple has a tendency to develop cracks. Does anyone know if this is true?

I'll start the list by adding Tabebuia, both pink and yellow. They're so beautiful in bloom! (Anyone know if they have issues?)

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akaj9(9 Central Florida)

I think Live Oaks are everywhere mainly because they are probably already growing before development and not always planted.....The Oak hammock is an ecosystem of Florida so it would be common to see communities built around them..especially nice upscale communities....I live in a pine forest myself...and enjoy the slash pines with the needles I use for all my pathways. I also grow native Wax myrtles...which attract birds year round with there berries, I also use branches with leaves and berries as a treat for my Parakeet/cockatiel Aviary...and if your really lucky you get a visit from the migrating out my blog for my pictures AWESOME....I also love my maples and my sycamore...both handle the wet soil that can happen here....I LOVE raintrees....but alas...they are an invasive and we aren't suppose to plant them......they are beautiful though....I love planting trees for I too have at least 20 diiferent oaks myself....the squirrels love them...and that keeps my jacks very entertained LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: my blog...see what the wax myrtles bring in!

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eric_9b(z9b Orlando)

What part of central Florida ???

Southern live oaks are great trees but vastly overused and too often are planted in a wrong location.

Some that are easy to grow;

Acacia farnesiana (smallii)- Sweet Acacia
Acer saccharum ssp. floridanum (barbatum)- Southern Sugar Maple
Araucaria bidwillii- Bunya Bunya
Bauhinia x blakeana- Hong Kong Orchid Tree
Bauhinia forficata- Thorny Orchid Tree
Cassia leptophylla- Gold Medallion Tree
Ceiba speciosa (Chorisia)- Floss Silk Tree
Cordia boiseri- Wild Olive
Cupressus arizonica var. glabra- Arizona Cypress
Elaeocarpus decipiens- Blueberry Tree
Erythrina crista-galli- Coral Tree
Eucalyptus polyanthemos- Silver Gum
Ilex cassine- Dahoon Holly
Jacaranda mimosifolia- Jacaranda
Juniperus silicicola- Southern Red Cedar
Lagerstroemia fauriei- Japanese Crepe Myrtle
Magnolia virginiana var. australis- Sweetbay
Melaleuca alternifolia- Tea Oil Tree
Nageia nagi (Podocarpus)- Nagi Tree
Neolitsea sericea- Japanese Silver Tree
Olea europea- Olive Tree
Peltophorum dubium- Yellow Poinciana
Pinus elliotti- Slash Pine
Pinus palustris- Longleaf Pine
Pinus serotina- Pond Pine
Pistacia chinensis- Chinese Pistache
Podocarpus elongatus- African Yellowwood
Quercus durandii- Durand Oak
Quercus geminata- Sand Live Oak
Quercus myrtifolia- Myrtle Oak
Tabebuia chrysotricha- Golden Trumpet Tree
Tabebuia heptaphylla- Purple Trumpet Tree
Tabebuia impetiginosa- Pink Trumpet Tree
Tabebuia umbellata- Yellow Trumpet Tree
Taxodium ascendens- Pond Cypress
Tipuana tipu- Tipu Tree
Ulmus alata- Winged Elm
Ulmus parvifolia 'Allee'- Lacebark Elm

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akaj9(9 Central Florida)

Oh and the most beautiful majestic...but soooo slow growing..Magnolias. But I always take note of a great one!

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I like river birches.

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I like Drake elms. I don't have any in my yard but I like to see them in the neighborhood. Not too big for a small lot and not dense shade. An attractive, trouble free tree that is non-invasive. Chinese Elm - Ulmus parvifolia

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There is a drake elm across the street from my house; it's beautiful and one of the most distinctive trees in the area.

My favorite is the Tipu tree - Tipuana tipu. I learned about it on this forum in 2003, planted one after the 2004 hurricanes and it has thrived. Once a year it's covered (seriously COVERED) by yellow blossoms.

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Yellow (Tulip) Poplars are beautiful, majestic trees if you have the space to grow them. They remind me most of Sycamores, which I also like. If you are looking for an alternative oak, try Shumard Oak or Nuttall Oak. I also like Red Maple, Indian Hawthorn, Drake Elm, Dogwoods, American Beech and Southern Magnolias.

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