Italian Honey , Laturella , No Figs

mtddigs(NY 6a)August 27, 2013

I need some feed back , take a look , this is my favorite Fig tree . It did really well over the winter , I tented it packed in leaves there was no winter die back at all. I though it was going to be a great year for figs, in years past with real die back this tree produced, this year none. Its all tree , super large and healthy . I don't get it .

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If this plant produced ripe figs in the past,then,the only fault I can see it is tree too dense,too many trunks left in the Spring,and so too much new growth,and the sun can't penetrate the canopy.
On my trees I do two pruning operations.
One in Spring,when I let only three trunks live for the new year,and cut everything off.
Then again on July 15,I remove all new,branches that ,have no fruits on them.
On August 15,i remove all fruits that are smaller than stagnant stage too.
The stagnant stage is when fruits are all of the same size and they stanate for about 30 days at this size ,and later one day all of a sudden,the fruit double in size and changes color,which is last stage,the ripening stage.
Also if you never applied limestone powder ,you must do it ASAP.

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Interesting...Assuming trees are in-ground.

1. First pruning: Before or after buds turn green?
2. Second pruning: Could this be done to containerized trees?
3. Do you still pinch the remaining branches that are growing figs, planted either in-ground, or, containerized?



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First question answer:When I know which trunks are alive,and which ones are dead from frost.
Second and thisrd questions,Answer:Yes Yes

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Did you by chance feed often with high nitrogen fertilizer? That could also cause a tree to grow excessive vegetation with little or no fruit.

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mtddigs(NY 6a)

I did feed a little in the spring . When I look at the tree it has lots of growth, everywhere. One good thing is that I will have an abundance of cuttings this fall . I have had issues with winter protection and die back , this tree has died back to the ground several times. Last year I got the winter protection right and it all survived.

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I overpruned my trees this year

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