Disappointed with this daylily

ruthzJune 7, 2012

I just got this one in the fall and I'm very disappointed with it. It's supposed to be Satin Bird, but doesn't look like the pictures and also doesn't open well. Does anyone have a picture you can post of Satin Bird .

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Give it a couple years. They sometimes start out stinky and smooth out.

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Nancy zone 6

I looked up Satin Bird, it sure doesn't look like your picture, does it? Are these the first blooms? I noticed a couple of my daylily's first blooms this year were been very pastel, almost unrecognizable. They darkened up with the next blooms though. Hope yours does too.

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With new plants, occasionally they will look like what they are supposed to but most of the time they will have shorter than average scapes and the blooms may be unrecognizable. And as others have mentioned, often first blooms ( on any cultivar) are bad. I give plants 3 YEARS before deciding whether to discard it or not! So give this one a chance to come around - at least until next year!

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This is the first blooms, but it has bloomed a few more times and still looks the same.
Maybe it doesn't like the southern temps.

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