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shorebill(7b MD EShore)August 16, 2007

I am sorry to asked this again, but I lost the information

you give last year. How do I order cuttings from UC Davis ?

Thanks again I will try to hold on the infromation this time.


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glenn9643(z8 MS)

I submitted a request for cuttings a while back and it was returned with a note that they would accept requests starting in December, so now might not be a good time.

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gene_washdc(zone 5a)

My 2 cents on Davis is -- don't bother. Free cuttings are always fun, and I've done my share of ordering over the last 5 years. However 80 - 90% have been worthless because extremely weak growth. I can only assume that the strain of FMV that infects them causes this problem. I've received trades from others that have mosaic, but few are as weakly and pitiful as what comes from Davis. The cuttings themselves are fat and healthy looking, so obviously it doesn't seem to bother them in CA. I have several figs from them that haven't grown taller than 8" in 3-4 years. Of course hope springs eternal, maybe I'll order more in Dec too.

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Gene, I agree with you on the Davis fig cutings. I received four different varieties from Davis. I have only one cutting a Col de Dame that I was able to keep alive, and that cutting has three little leaves on it. It also my not make it. I had very good luck with cutting that people on this forum and friends in town have given me. I also thought of not getting any this year from Davis, but will probably order some. I guess the old saying "you get what you pay for" applies with Davis fig cuttings.


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glenn9643(z8 MS)

Gene and Vern,
I'm not rejoicing in your disappointing results with UCD cuttings, but it is good to see that I'm not alone. Of the five varieties received this past spring, I've got two Col de Dame, one Alma, and one Excel that seem to be survivors now in gallon pots, and they're not really thriving as they should. Hopefully in a year or two I'll be able to provide cuttings from some of mine. I don't have nearly the collection that many here do, but have 25 or thereabouts varieties, most purchased this past year.

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I ordered several fig cuttings from UCD last month. I received an email from them a couple weeks ago confirming my request. It also asked for a fed-x account number for shipping. They did say they will be shipped in the spring. It would be unfortunate if the cuttings are as poor as mentioned on this thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: UCD link

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Hi :I absolutelly agree with the people above.
One thing i was thinking different.
Maybe that this strain of mosaic virus is deadlier for people trying to grow the cuttings outside CA.
Because Gene was bringing it out,indeed the cutting we receive from them are very healthy, like coming from healthy trees,but when we try to grow it here,they do not want to grow at all.There is somthing more about it we still do not figure out,but overall it is a real challenge to grow and fruit a fig from UCD cutting.

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Maybe it is the 'STRESS' of them UCD cuttings going
to a 'lesser fig heaven' other than golden CA, that brings
the virus out. I tend to agree that initially, almost all
new UCD rootings look ugly and slow growing. However,
most also eventually outgrow the problem.
Of course there are some VERY stubborn ones (e.g.,
Ischia Black) that seem to remain stunned for ever
and ever..., but there are others (e.g.,KAC 11-7W)
that seem to take off right away.

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

I ordered 4 varieties. I received 3 (one was out) and of the 9 sticks, 2 rooted ok (same variety) and one ( a numbered selection) is still only 4 inches and 2 leaves. The third variety received never pushed a leaf, though one did make 3 one-inch roots before rotting above the rooting portion and dying.

I'll try again, but only because I'm stubborn and its a chance to do something gardening oriented in late-winter/early spring.


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My 2nd year UCD excel, conadria, Deanna and tena are pretty vigorous growers, 2 Â 3 feet plus. Monstreuse, verte and Ischia green much slower. Adriatic VERY slow first 2 years, nice crop this year.

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shorebill(7b MD EShore)

Thanks to all for your information on Davis fig ordering.
Some of you said Davis was not accepting orders till after Dec.,but my order sheet stated that orders would not be accepted after Dec.1st. I have saved the information from you this time and it is in a safe place.

Thanks again for your help,

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

Wow, I sure have had a different experience with UCDavis! I ordered 13 Fig varieties, and only 3 did not survive (Genoa, Ischia Green and Kadota 1). This was my first experience rooting so many plants (I got Mulberries and Pomegranates too), and I am thrilled with the results. All the Mulberries rooted, and I only lost 2 out of 12 Pomegranates.

I used a locally available potting soil, rooting hormone, and put the cuttings in 1 gallon pots on shelves outside. I misted/watered when I could.

I will definately order from them again. Only one fig looks like it is visibly affected by the virus. It has streaked leaves, but is growing well in spite of them.

Beginner's luck!


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