What should be mixed in the soil?

nutritionwriterAugust 21, 2010

I'm planting an Italian fig tree (bush). Need to know what should be mixed with the soil. Would that be cedar mulch, compost and potting soil? The drainage is very bad in the red clay of Sacramento in my yard. I have two black mission fig trees, 5 feet high growing okay. How often should I water them? I just planted them last month.

Now I'm getting a bare root Italian black Roma fig bush/tree. What kind of soil should I plant it in? I also have a lemon and an orange tree in the same yard.

How often should I water the fig trees? It never runs in the summer. Rain here begins in Oct. and lasts until late April or May. How do I tell if I water too much? The big problem is the slow drainage.

Also, can a black mission fig tree grow in a container? I have another one just a few inches high in a 15 inch planter. I can plant it in a half wine barrel (wood) that holds 4 cubic feet of soil. What happens if it outgrows that? I can't put another tree in the ground. Can I use it for grafting onto the other fig tree to make more fruit for the house? At what age can I graft it, and what do I graft, the trunk of a 6 month old tree or one of the branches when it grows bigger in a few years?

Where can I find answers to these questions--any site online? Thanks for information. Also, if I choose to donate one of my small black mission fig trees growing in a container (as I have 2, about 6 inches tall), would a university take it, or is there any organization here in Sacramento?




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I will purchase / pay shipping for your fig tree for our local community garden, if you are interested in that instead of donating it. (I would be donating it here). We have red clay as well, and it may be used to it by now!


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Hi, Sacramento. I am in Auburn. Check out this URL for lots of info on figs. Then go to the home page if you want to learn more about other frult trees.
Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Backyard Orchard UCDavis

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