Greenhouse Poll?

Slimy_Okra(2b)September 19, 2011

I was just curious for those of you who have some sort of greenhouse:

1. is it heated or unheated?

2. what make is it?

3. would you recommend it to other people?

Thanks a lot!

Here's my answers.

1. unheated

2. snap and grow

3. Only as a starter greenhouse because it doesn't retain much heat at night. Stands up well to snow, wind and hail tho'.

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bdgardener(3 AB)


wood frame, made with recycled windows
love it, use it to harden off annuals and veg and then plant tomatoes in raised wooden boxes.

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Pudge 2b

1. Unheated, but I use an electric space heater
2. 8x12 Wood frame and corrugated plastic. An interior 'lining' of 2 ml plastic helps retain heat from the electric heater.
3. I wouldn't be without it and would actually like something bigger.

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1) heated( we have a geothermal unit for the house so there is a heated concrete floor in the greenhouse and a backup gas heater.
2) 10 x 20 BC greenhouse -triple wall polycarbonate
3) BC greenhouse great product- definitely recommend it. I grow orchids and overwintter my lime tree. But in the spring it is full of seedlings that then go into a cold frame

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Hello kayakcraig,

Just curious...if you didn't have any heating, how cold would it have to be outside before it started to freeze inside the greenhouse?

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