figs i found today

Rigo76443(7B)August 28, 2013

i was mowing a yard for a 90 yr old lady and found a fig on her property that she says the previous person who used to mow would the tree down to the ground. she had the fig for many years so i can not tell what type of fig it is but most common in this area is celeste fig.

i got 6 or 7 fully rooted suckers to pot up to go with my other 40 figs i have .

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wisner_gw wisner

Looks like some nice plants. I don't think they are Celeste from the shape of the leaves.

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Hi Rigo, Those leaves look exactly like the leaves on my Paradiso.

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Rigo, will ya sell , trade for one of these fig suckers.. please let me know ,.... molly /

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