Figs with large fruit

oxankle(6/7)August 22, 2008

What are some of the figs with the largest fruit? Please comment on the hardiness and taste, too. No point in growing big figs if they taste like cardboard and die back each winter

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The largest fig in my collection is one of my unidentified trees. The fruit is dark brown, sweet, and about 3/4 to 4/5 the size of a tennis ball. Hardy in my area, 6b/7a.
Other large figs I have heard about are Quarter Pounder, Zumwalt, and from a grower in Germany a variety named Longue d'Aout

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JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)

The figs on my 'Brown Turkey' are quite large.

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Thanks, Guys.

Lou; When cutting time comes, I want to try to talk you out of three or four cuttings from that unidentified fig.

I'll look and see what else I can find. The Paradiso from Boston is supposed to be a large fig, but so far they are only about the size of fifty cent pieces. Perhaps when the tree is older they'll get bigger. I've got the EL Paradiso too, but only from cuttings this year.

Brown Turkey has its admirers, I've not heard much about the taste of the Quarter Pounder. The others are not known to me.

Johnnieb: Do other Brown Turkeys in your area get as large as those on your tree?

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This is my largest fig variety. "Cul de Ruc", (ass of donkey).
It weights about 140 g. and it is the more productive tree that I have. The taste is only acceptable.

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Hi, xon2000,

I was wondering if I can grow this type of fig in my area.
I live in United States, Florida Zone 9.
Where can I find "Cul de Ruc"?


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