Fig I'd frustration

peterknop(z7 VA)August 23, 2010

I have a superb fig which I would like to I'd, but after 45 minutes on the forum site, still have not been able to find how to post a picture. We harvest about forty pounds per day of this, using it For fresh eating, preserves and sauces. It sells very well, so qe are not the on.y ones who like it. Zone 7 n. Va. Very hardy.

So any help in posting a pic of fruit and leaves which are very distinctive, would be most appreciated.

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You can not post a pic directly from your computer to here. This site is not equipped for that. I tried and got frustrated. You have to subscribe to some album sites and store your Pics there then you can post it here with some technical maneuver. One last chance I will use Google Picasa to see if it helps. Then I may just give up.

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genecolin(Zone 9, LA)

One thing you've got to remember is that once a picture is posted using a photo storing site like Photobucket, is that if you move it from one album to another of if you delete the picture in Photobucket, it will also disappear on the fig forum. The easiest way I found is to set up an account in Photobucket and within the main album make sub albums titled by each different figs name. Thus a main album of "Figs" with sub album named as example "Celeste", Sal's EL, "Black Mission". I think you get the idea. Then when you upload your pictures you upload them to the appropriate album, wich makes it easy to find them later. It also a good idea to date them and put notes. It sounds complicated but it's not. You just have to play with it a while or get someone to show you. I hope this helps. Contact me for a better explanation or help.

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Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)

Ditto to what Gene said. Go to Photobucket, register, post your pics there, copy the html code, come back to your post and paste the link here. It really is very simple but takes some getting use to. hope this helps, Dennis

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