Does Chicago Hardy Need Protection?

achang89(Z6)August 18, 2014

I just planted the "Chicago Hardy" in my backyard, in open field. When winter comes, do I need to cover the tree? Or I can just leave in the open?

If the tree is "hardy" in Chicago, then it should be very hardy in my zone. Does this make sense?

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Absolutely. Don't believe the hype. Protect your young tree, or it can be either killed, or the top can die. Roots might live, and then you will have new stems sprouting from surviving roots.

Last winter took its toll on thousands of fig trees that were either planted in the ground, or, in containers....even protected trees. Young fig trees will be very susceptible to winter damages.

Even in years with mild winters, in your climate zone, all you need is a few nights with below freezing temperatures, to kill or badly damage top growth....and then you're back to square one. A tree that has to constantly re-grow a new top is not a tree, but it becomes a perennial, if the roots survive.

"Chicago Hardy" is just a varietal name, but it is, (under the right conditions), a little hardier than some other, not-so-hardy varieties, like "Black Mission".

If you want to keep you tree from year to year, protect it. All it takes is one bad winter, and then, you'll go shopping for a new fig tree. : )

I lost all my trees, except one, over the last winter. I live in a milder climate (NYC) than you, and all the stored heat in the concrete and black-top, heats the air...and still, my trees died. Your tree(s)...planted in an open field..... Good luck. Smart guys use protection.


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