Wondering when to harvest

sprouts_honor(5, southern shore of Erie)August 8, 2010

Our Atreano is producing its first main crop of figs. We were gone on vacation and I had a friend water them. Both trees are in fabric pots so I had her water them heavily. Maybe a little too heavily. When we came home, one of the fruits had swelled and was split open. It wasn't as sweet as we expected and probably under ripe. So I've been watering them a little less and we've eaten about four more. They were sweeter than the first but not as sweet as I expected. (I've never eaten fresh figs.) I'm not sure if I'm picking them too early. They have cracks and the neck is bent. But they don't have that long neck look but maybe because they're a more round fig than other varieties. I let one stay on the tree until it was really soft and droopy. It developed brown spots like it was rotting but it was sweeter than the others. I read somewhere that the eye will seep liquid when ripe. Is that true? Here are some pictures.

I didn't cut these open for the photo because they're going in hubby's lunch tomorrow.

No cracks yet, but starting to droop and soften.

There are about 30 figs on this tree and our first real harvest!

We thought we'd get a breba crop from the Negronne. All of them fell off in late spring (except for one that I had to share with hubby). It had less foliage and new growth than the Atreano (that dropped its breba much ealier) until three weeks ago when it started growing like mad. The new growth now has small figs showing. Are these next season's breba? It had small figs when it went dormant last year but not as big as these. Picture of Negronne below.

I pinched it at the 6th leaf early this season. Where the branches split you can see the larger fruit below that has stayed that size for months. The smaller figs near the top are only two weeks old.

Thanks for any advice.



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Nice pictures and trees. In my opinion you picked the atreano too soon. Like you said later, I wait until the fig, especially atreano gets brown patches on it before I pick it. A lot of folks can't do that because the birds or squirrels get them but I have an outdoor cat that keeps that to a very minimum. As far as negronne, I dont think brebas start until next season on this seasons wood if you know what I mean.

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Hi Jennifer,
those are main crop figs, if it were my tree i would snap off the smallest newer emerged figs and keep all new ones coming out snapped off along with snapping off any new shoots growing out the already pinched area's to ensure the the other ones ripen and to help stop/slow vegetative growth. The figs will eventually swell in size and start to turn nice dark color purple/black droop downwards with a hangmans neck and when given a twist come off to be eaten. Your Husband will like these very much in his lunch pack thats if after you taste them and leave him any.
Very good tasting fig.

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sprouts_honor(5, southern shore of Erie)

Thanks for the advice. I was wondering if the Atreano that was sweetest was rotting. Guess not. I'll pinch those little Negronne today. Thanks again!

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