Wanted: Comfrey

joewormFebruary 13, 2013

Does anyone have bocking #4 comfrey they'd be willing to trade?
I have Celeste fig cuttings available to trade.


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Is that some cultivar adapted to the north florida climate?

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no, from what i've read it will grow in any part of the US.

i'm looking for bocking #4 because it is more suitable for chicken feed as well as a good plant fertilizer. chickens don't seem to eat other types of comfrey.

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I think Mollison mentions it in his permaculture book.

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Joeworm, did you manage to get Bocking #4? If so, did you get them from a member of this site (in exchange) or did you manage to find some in a nursery?

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I am looking for comfrey also. I found the coescomfrey, but he only sells 10 crowns and it is too much for me. If anybody wants to order with me so we can share Please let me know, may be we can work something out.


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Helen, I've sent you a PM.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Apparently the student gardeners at UNF are looking for it, too. See Craigslist link below.

Carol in Jacksonville

Here is a link that might be useful: We want comfrey! (UNF)

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No I never received any offers for the comfrey, still waiting. As previously mentioned, Coe's has it but I was looking for a trade to save money.

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You can bet that you may never get it if you try to buy from Coes Comfrey. He has a super long wait list for several months so it's not really worth it there so I bought it somewhere else.

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Hi there! I have lots of comfrey, having grown it for 16 years. It's such a useful plant that I wouldn't be without it, even if I didn't have a farm. I live in Michigan, but am planning to move to FL this fall and will definitely take lots of roots with me. In fact, I took several buckets of roots with me when I moved here from my Missouri farm.

Can't remember which Bocking it is, but all my animals chow it down... cows, rabbits, chickens and especially turkeys; turkeys go crazy for comfrey's high protein. Over the years I've planted divisions to extend all around the outside of the poultry pen to prevent them from grazing it too hard. They peck at it between the wires. Really cuts feed costs.

This comfrey is wonderful stuff. Bees and butterflies love the flowers, as do the chickens... it's amusing to watch chickens jumping for the flowers. I clear cut the rows 2-3 times a season to use as garden mulch or dry the leaves for supplemental protein feed for chickens and rabbits. I also brew leaves and stems for fertilizer tea or compost starter, and every June I macerate chopped leaves and flowers in coconut oil for a wonderful healing oil for balms. Sometimes I also throw in calendula and chamomile flowers for a "3-C's Balm."

Best of all, this comfrey doesn't invade or throw seeds; it stays put, just getting larger and roots deeper. But wherever you put it, be sure you really want it there, because the very deep and brittle roots make the plants relatively permanent.

I'll be glad to send some roots for price of mailing.

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Here's a picture of a smaller row near the rabbit hutch after two cows got out... they headed straight for the comfrey and stripped it down in minutes, so animals definitely love this stuff. lol

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There is no way to contact you. You can contact me through Garden Web. I want some, please.

Be prepared; gardening is VERY different in Florida. Whereabouts will you be moving to, if I may ask?

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Ooops, sorry about that... I fixed the contact link on my member page.

I'm planning to move to the Lake Wales area. I've been researching and reading a lot about Florida gardening, especially on this forum.

After a lifetime in subarctic zones I've had enough of dying/dormant gardens for 8 months of the year and chilly summers. It's been 40 degrees at dawn for the last week... my tomatoes and zucchini are shivering. At this rate I'll be lucky to get produce by late August.

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Lake Wales is a beautiful, old Florida area. Though it is now quite close to the Mouse, so it probably has grown too, like most of my home state.

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